Australian Onewheel Riders

  • Made a group for Australian Onewheel riders or anyone planning to buy one.
    Thought it would be useful since the whole importation process is a little hassle and would be useful for new riders to have other Aussies advice. Also there's not alot of us so hopefully this will bring us all together.

    If anyone is planning to visit Australia and want to ride while here then can join the group too as I've got a spare board to join me with.

  • Thats a nice offer! I'm in Brizzy with a OW V1 and OW+.

  • Ayee good to hear from another Aussie, got the same also :D

  • Hi!

    I've been stalking the Onewheel for over a year now. I think the XR is going to tip me over the edge to commit. I'm over in Melbourne. What's the shipping process like? Any import duties I should consider? Also, will I need some kind of converter for the charger to work with Australian plugs (and voltage)?

    Other than that, I thought I might wait it out until some people start receiving theirs in May before I complete the transaction.

    PS. I've joined the FB group too.

  • Another Queenslander here, V1 & OW+ & my XR should be here tomorrow. I'm also in the FB group (Steve) and got to meet up with Matty on the Goldcoast and go for a float. Great way to meet other Onewheel riders here in Australia.

  • Hi Peeps Ive been on my Onewheel in the Barossa , South Australia for i think just over 2 years. I am looking to purchase a Plus very soon. I think im the only one in SA that rides One. will look at the FB group too. with the culture in Australia, being very Surf/Ski/Skate I think that Future Motion is missing a Trick . we should take action.

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