Lower max battery charge for hill folk

  • For people who start their rides at the top of a hill, it would be convenient to have a setting for the charger to stop and balance the cells at 95% or similar, so there is a buffer for regeneration.

  • @desperado YES! Have been thinking that for awhile. Have had to do contortions to get down my hill to the train station in the morning, have figured out a few tricks but still would prefer just charging up to 95%

  • You can do it with a solar charge controller. Normally you would set the controller to output 58v 3.5 like the wall charger. If you want to charge the OW less, set it to something like 56v and it should stop charging before the OW battery is full. For a source you can use a battery as in the Carvepower portable DC charger-

    Rather than a battery, you could feed the controller with a 24v power supply that will provide 9A or more like this one . That will provide enough watts for the controller to charge the OW at the same speed as the wall charger.

  • Yes! Exactly this. I've just upgraded from a Kickstarter board to the +XR, and my first trip into town was constantly interrupted by bouts of needing to reverse uphill to burn off charge. A user-configurable max charge level (or at least an notification in the app) would be an ideal fix.

  • Totally agree

    The alert is scary while your going down hill

  • My electric Chevy bolt has this feature it’s called “hilltop reserve”

  • @yetimon ignore the alarms from the app, disable them, they are based on faulty battery gauge software. the board will “push back” when you’re actually in trouble .

  • @readysetawesome : despite alarms can be faulty in case of faulty battery gauges, it is a bad advice to deactivate them because it is an important alarm which does an important job (if the battery gauge is fine). saved me several times.

    you are right that the board itself does a overcharge push back before it will (nearly immediately) shut off, but once you feel this alarm you do have something like half a second to react before you re lying on the street. I have never managed to break regularly after I felt this kind of push back. this just "informs" you that something bad will happen soon - usually this kind of situation happens when you are speeding down a hill and in such situations you would need at least some seconds to get your ass out of troubles before a board shut off.

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