Excessive Braking Push Back all of a sudden

  • Been riding for about 4 days. Used all 3 modes. Today, I am getting excessive nose up braking at speeds on flat pavement that I didn't before. Doesn't matter what mode. Tried wearing down the battery to 60% going up hills, still didn't make any difference. Turned on and off, didn't help...HELP!!! Love my OneWheel and somethings wrong.

  • All 3 modes have "pushback" .. It's to let you know you're reaching top speed.. Classic does it real early, extreme is much later but its still there.. You can also fight it but be careful you don't want to nosedive

  • Yes, I understood all that. It suddenly started pushing back much more severely at lower speeds. After several on and off resets and a new charge it seems back to normal .

  • @DFauvre I've heard it will pushback if the battery is very low.. I've never let mine get that low so I'm not sure..

  • @DFauvre One of my boards started to ride nose high in every mode. After a couple of days of riding it seemed to fix it self. Not sure exactly what fixed it but I left the board plugged in for 48 hours.

  • When you get below 5% you'll notice extreme braking. The battery is dying and trying to tell you to get off before the gyro fails. The first time this happened to me, I remember thinking "what the hell is going on, there's no way I've ridden this thing to zero!" - sure enough, it was red & dead in the app. A full charge and more careful battery monitoring prevented that from happening again.

    Your situation sounds like an overnight charge might help recalibrate the battery?

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