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    Cool story bro. Sorry for your troubles. I had to wait months for a plus, so a week ain't gonna get you much sympathy around here... it was worth the wait.

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    Trotter? Are you serious?
    Grab one from eBay lightly used,
    and join the FB group.
    Occasionally there are some steals there.

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    What specifically is the issue? You tried to order a OW+ from their site and the sale isn't going through?

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    It's rare that a company makes a product so epic that they literally can't take your money fast enough.

  • This post is suspect as hell. But hey, catchy title, good work on that.

    Sketchy story? Check.
    Sketchy reference to sketchy competitor? Check.
    Sketchy description of credit cards? Check. (I don't think I've ever felt the need to point out that a payment has "matching billing information.")

    FM successfully charged my credit card, then I successfully waited in the long queue, which FM was up front about. And they were able to beat their delivery projection by a week.

  • @el_puente credit card issues do happen, typo in the billing address etc., and I wouldn't be surprised it takes FM a week to respond. It's too bad this guy over-reacted on the forum, humiliating himself by suggesting he would prefer a Trotter to his OW.

  • Yeah I guess I'm just a bit peeved that the company can't figure out how to process a credit card allegedly due to their security system claiming they can't verify my email address? I wasn't aware there was a verification for legitimate email addresses particularly Gmail. And we're not talking about simply verifying the email address with future motion. So I tried a different email address and a new credit card, and made sure I did it from home. I mean they're selling a product but the system cancels my orders 4 times. A bit ridiculous if you ask me. I spend alot online for business and have never once had an issue with security concerns. The Trotter comment is out of frustration with a company that can't seem to charge my card for their product and doesn't seem to have any interest invested in resolving the issue for a paying customer. Not to mention a previous customer.

  • Trouble ordering online?

    I recently ordered mine online. Ordered on a company computer over a satellite internet connection on a ship 50 miles off the coast of West Africa. I sometimes have trouble with CC verification when placing online orders from other retailers. No problems with FM, order should arrive today.

  • @lil_mack that solves the mystery

  • @lightning Glad I could help.

    Here you go: Changzhou-Trotter

    Before you leave be sure to post a link to the ad for your OG onewheel.

  • @lightning you don't want a Trotter, don't waste your money. Somehow, some way FM's gonna figure out how to take your $ and you'll be glad you waited because their product is the best, nothing else even compares.

  • I think patent issues aside, the Trotter is going to fill a void. It is cheaper and can also go off-road. However that's where the comparison stops. The Onewheel is faster, more powerful and more solidly built in my opinion. Of course you can buy almost 2 Trotters for 1 Onewheel. If it is for a child and they may grow out of it, the Trotter may be fine. If you want a serious piece of sporting equipment that is going to last and not have you yearning for more soon after your purchase, the Onewheel is your ride.

  • I am not sure why we are even bothering reading / looking at this post. It's not Future Motion's fault that your credit card is declined. Perhaps you should look into their financing plan or perhaps you can afford the Trotter and don't have to finance.

  • You should be able to find OW+ at your local board shops by now. Saw one last week in SF.

  • @goodblake-eskate it IS future motions fault that my credit card is declined that's the whole point. In response to your comment (not to brag) I spend over a million dollars a year online for business and have never been declined and I make 300k+ so I don't need financing. I need the company to charge my card for an order.

  • @lightning FM uses a 3rd party credit card payment processor like every other business. That processor declines transactions based on their own criteria. FM cannot override this easily, if at all. What you could do is call your credit card company and they can maybe tell you why it was declined.

  • @desperado Firstly FM has 100% control over both the merchant processor they use and every security criteria implemented by their respective merchant processor. However according to FM it has nothing to do with the card it has to do with the email address and phone number (gmail and verizon -a baseless convoluted evaluation to begin with) for which I provided alternatives to both through the 'customer service' ticket and now over a week later no response whatsoever. Speaks very poorly to their customer service, or the lack thereof.

  • @lightning Very weird that FM now has to verify an email address in order to charge a credit card. I didn't have to verify my email when I ordered mine. I have noticed that FM has ads out for customer support reps, so at least they are trying to get up to speed. I've been waiting a week now for an answer to a battery question, so you're not the only one...

  • @desperado I got a call from the company today and they said it's shopify and will have to look into their settings. Coincidentally I since had the same thing happen on the ray ban site for the same reason which happens to be a Shopify site also.

  • @lightning said in Future Motion, Past Customer:

    @desperado I got a call from the company today and they said it's shopify and will have to look into their settings. Coincidentally I since had the same thing happen on the ray ban site for the same reason which happens to be a Shopify site also.

    So not FM's fault?

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