Hoosier Treaded Tire & Rubbing (w/ solution)

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    @ashewheeler Truly EPIC photos! The forum was crashed for a while. You didn't have anything to do with that did you?

    WOW phpBB is easier and better than, what is this forum software anyway?

    I believe it's this:

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  • @desperado So how are your second and third Onewheels?

  • @makermarc
    Man, I sold my bitcoins at 4800 like a scared fool, so the 2nd OW will have to wait for Litecoin to surge a little more. Meanwhile, I am loving the Hoosier tire! It is exactly the maneuverability I wanted: I lean and it turns proportionally. Also installed the grip studs #1000 since it is winter here and ice patches might as well be sandpaper. Now I'm just waiting for it to get back below freezing so all this slush freezes solid.

  • @desperado You and me both! I did exactly the same thing with my OW, but I think 50 studs is not going to be enough. Found a cheaper deal on 100pk, waiting for those ponds to freeze for real!

  • @makermarc
    Looks like you are going through the same nasty slush as me...
    I think you need 1 stud per tire tread, which is 135 total (5 rings of 27 treads). I have 100 on there now; my middle and edge rings are filled, but the other rings I had to skip a bunch so I ordered more. I'd like to have several studs in contact at all times I would think, at any angle of carving.
    I got from gripstuds.com. You found a better deal where?

  • @desperado I got the generic Studs
    Those gripstuds are definitely the best, I didn't even find them until I ordered my first batch. I was a little concerned initially, but this isn't a high torque application, so I don't need to be able to dig a hole with the studs (which would risk pulling them out). Secondly... those gripstuds are $1/ea, which is just crazy (for doing 135). I have more on the way already, plan to do exactly as you described with the exception of the middle tread. When you pump it up to 20psi or so it starts to rub unless you sink them in real well (and maybe this is the best way?). The alternative is to put them between the treads and leave them sticking up just barely above the tread. I put a couple in this way and I may try more, there just doesn't seem to be room to use the middle tread otherwise.

  • @makermarc
    Ya, dropping $150 including shipping for a little pile of metal bits is crazy, but being carbide, they will last a long time hopefully, especially since I will also be hitting plenty of plain concrete which will grind down regular steel pretty quick. The grip issue for me is typically more of slipping sideways, so I'm happy to have plenty of studs. I am at 20 - 25 psi and have no interference with the middle row of studs, possibly because I have the narrow Hoosier (11.0 X 5.5 X 6).

  • @desperado

    In theory, mine have carbide inserts as well, but they are cemented in rather than brazed (or so says GripStuds). I was going to baby them and only ride it on ice, but maybe after my initial experiments, I should run them through the ringer and see if the short purchase of the screw or the carbide fails when riding on pavement.

    I do have the same tire, but the OP of this thread is running the 5.5 treaded hoosier's up to 45psi with supposedly better results (at least better range i'd imagine, but also better sidewall stiffness). So during the stud install, I pumped the tire up to 40psi, and I started to get interference. I'm not sure I would necessarily ride at this pressure but I'd rather have a little more clearance. I took it back down to ~20psi, and there's plenty of clearance. I'm still going to try to keep that center row as short as possible, so I at least have the ability to pump it up higher.

    In the next week or so we should have some frozen ponds and we can start comparing the two executions more closely. I'm sure other ice/winter riders will be interested!

  • @makermarc
    I ordered an extra 150 studs just in case I wanted to go crazy with them, so I really hope the premium price is worth it. Next week it's supposed to freeze, so I'll be trying the Hoosier for the first time on my favorite trail, will get some gopro footage. My life will really be complete when I get my Flight Fins... Did you order a set?

  • @desperado

    I guess you'll only find out if the price is worth it if my experiment goes poorly and yours goes well haha. Peace of mind certainly has a significant cost in this case. I'm ready to part with my brand new tire if it ends up being a disaster ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

    I think i'll be doing some barrel races on the ice with a friend of mine (he's got his own electric powered contraption i'm not allowed to talk about). I'll try to get some footage as well.

    I didn't order any flight fins yet, I was just a little taken aback by the fact that it bolts to the stock fender (major fail), and costs probably twice what it does to just print the thing out in a similar material from Sculpteo/Shapeways (takes less time too). If i really feel left out i'll just make something similar, or maybe experiment with magnets or other methods.

    My first fender got smashed up during a malfunction. FM replaced it and fixed the board, but I don't really have any intention of using it due to how fragile it is. I guess people are converting it to magnet-mount to help, but there goes the whole flight fins functionality thing.

  • Hey guys, haven't posted in awhile, been riding. I just replaced my Hoosier 11x6.5x6 the other day with 1990 miles on it. Saw threads and she gave out a couple days later while charging overnight. The reason I'm posting is that I wanted to let everyone know that I ran that tire at 15 psi and never had rubbing issues.
    I mounted the same tire the other day and I'm running it at 17 psi and I can hear a very minor rub but that will go away in about another week.

  • @earthpilot
    15 psi would be too low for a lot of people. Have you tried the 11 x 5.5 x 6? It's definitely more maneuverable. How would you say your Hoosier compares to the Vega in terms of carvability?

  • @desperado I've run the Hoosier 11x6.0x6 slick in a 10 compound I believe? Oh, it was crazy maneuverable but the tire wore out at 528 miles.
    The 11x6.5x6 is my "Go To" tire now. It shines around 7 to 10 mph for turns but I still carve turns between 10 to 15, just not as sharp.
    I will never go back to the Vega, the Hoosier makes the board into a short board type onewheel if that makes sense. D30A from either Jegs or Smiley's racing online.

  • @makermarc
    I'll be looking for that footage!
    I was working on my own equivalent of Flight Fins when I found out about them. Materials would have cost me at least $50, and I will gladly pay these guys the extra $50 to save me hours of my time designing and tweaking. I always ride with the stock fender so, for me, bolting to the fender makes sense. I know they are are working on a fender-less version next. Their videos left me drooling so I'm willing to take the plunge for $100. If I end up cracking my fender or they suck for some reason, well, it's only $100. I'm sure lots of reviews will be rolling in in a few months.

  • @earthpilot have you tried the 5.5"?

  • @makermarc
    Nice, mine are working as well!

  • @gwinntanamo No, I've run the stock Vega, a 6 inch Hoosier slick and now two Hoosier 6.5 treads.

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