Horrible experience

  • First like many others I am a multiboard owner. I have paid full price for both boards, plus parts and a mafia slingpack bag. My onewheel+ has been nothing but problems. I am currently traveling the country in an RV so I am never in same place very long. Anyways after working with support since early September because my board is inoperable, they had me send it in, sent me a label, etc. Shipped on 9/16. Long story short FedEx lost my board last tracking info is from 9/22, today fm says I have to wait 14 days after being told they had until yesterday to find it. Now after spending nearly 4000 dollars in the last 1.5 years, I still have no usable board.

    I find this highly unprofessional. They lost the board under their shipping account, they should replace the board, it is under warranty and they shouldn't keep me waiting. What is going on with this company #suckatscaling no idea what else to do because support seems unhelpful, guess I will reach out to Kyle.

  • Wow, that does sound awful. They've generally been good for me, but that does sound pretty darn egregious.

  • @louman73 I'm confused - did FM lose the board or did FedEx? You say you have 2 boards - what happened to the other one (you spent $4000 and have no usable board)?

  • @nicktulloh they gave him a label through their fedex account and it was lost in transit to FM.

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  • @rk_d well said I agree with all your points and am in the same situation with my board

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