• I love me some bumpy single track, and if I have to hit 3 or 4 big drops or roots in a row, my feet end up shifting to the front or side of the board and then I'm frantically trying to re-position so I can steer properly. Something like the foot hooks on the Lieftech board ( looks like you could still bail if needed. Easy release would be a key feature as I would hate to wipe out with the board strapped to my feet. Any ideas? Velcro? Magnets?

  • @desperado I thought about this too for the same reasons, and was thinking velcro, but the kind where both side are little plastic hooks that lock together, I think they'd be easier to get debris out of afterward. You ever see a snakeboard? That's the last time I tried anything that wasn't on the snow that had bindings. ;-)

  • @jonnyk Snakeboard bindings look a little too permanent. 95% of my "falls" on OW are just hopping off and running it out. Those would all be painful faceplants if I was strapped on. Did you ever fall when strapped in?
    Those symmetric velcro things might work, I actually have some already, wouldn't be too hard to try.

  • @desperado Yeah, I took a few falls at the skate park, wasn't wearing any protection at the time so rashed elbows and gravel in the palms was a regular thing. Here's the velcro I was talking about on Amazon, except I get it in one long strip for projects at work:
    snap together velcro

  • Are you on a V1? I noticed the plus doesn't have as much of a problem with this due to the shape of the footpads.

    Either way, one option is to use longboard footstops, they're only about a quarter inch high, and you can rest your foot against it. I did this on my V1 and it allowed me to easily bail without tearing my ankle or shoe apart, but also feel secure when the trails got a little rough.

    Here's a picture of my V1 with some footstops
    alt text

  • @no Those look worth a try, thanks! Only thing I might change is cutting those bolts down a bit. Your OW could double as a zombie basher.

  • @desperado lol thanks. That's a good idea about the bolts, I don't have this board anymore but I remember leaving them uncut so I could test out different heights for the footstops. The lowest height ended up working surprisingly well.

  • @no OK and what's up with the fender? It's latched??

  • @desperado

    Not as good as bindings but someone in the FB Group put a retractable handle their board/fender. They used it when going over roots and stuff as well as when they thought they might be falling and didn't want the board to get away. When not needed, it had a spring loaded cord that would retract it down onto the fender.

    It was a pretty slick setup.... so not what was asked in the original post but another possibility.

  • @desperado Yea, the center portion can be removed, leaving two mini fenders. I only use the middle part when riding in wet or muddy conditions.

  • @no this is straight up post apocalyptic. looks tough

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