What does app HUD thingies mean?

  • I couldn't find the answer to this in the manual.


  • @philipkd Regen refers to the amount (indicated as a %age of overall battery life) of regenerative charging captured by braking. I'm not certain what Usage is showing.

  • I'm also confused on what "Usage" is. Hopefully someone will know.

  • @hoverlover : usage means the battery consumption since the last time you connected to the board. so allthough i guess it won‘t be exactly correct, I think
    initial available battery - usage + regen = actual available battery

    (only valid for the actual „session“ of the connected app. so if you close/disconnect the app during the ride, this would be of course not correct, because those are not absolute values but just values the app increments from
    messages received from the board while it is connected)

  • I tested this out on 2 separate rides yesterday. On both I was riding a + and started with 100% charge. On one ride I finished with 2% battery, 102% usage and a 4.0 mile ride. On the other ride I finished with 4% battery, 103% usage and a 4.1 mile ride. I believe disconnecting + reconnecting to the app doesn't affect the usage stat, but if you turn off and on the board, it resets to 100%. So the key is, once you turn the board on and it shows 100% usage, don't turn the board off during your ride (or it'll reset to 100%). I'm going to be watching the usage %age much more closely now, as even though I was able to get over 100% on 2 rides, on both at least I made it back to my car (whereas before I was coming up a few blocks short, when using the battery %age as my guide).

  • @groovyruvy You‘re right, those values are reset when powercycling the board.

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