Battery & charging issues

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    @cascadewheeler speaks wise words. Also you can log in and start a ride, and then send diagnostics to FM, may be helpful.

    I've not tried this. I'll give this a shot. It's also weird that they haven't requested I do this. I wonder if it provides useful information.

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    FM are clueless and/or ignorant of the problem which is affecting several customers. I sent logs and they just recommended the multi day charge which does nothing for the problem but is a great delay tactic. Now I just use the usage bar to monitor consumption and infer remaining battery charge. It’s fine

    I wish I could do that. Unfortunately it seems my battery is sometimes not holding a charge. Which means somedays I get to 100% consumption/usage, and somedays I get 30-50%

  • they are slammed... takes about a week for a reply from cs. Not great but will hopefully improve with time.

  • @benjamin_smith you’re judging full charge by the green light? If so then you and I have different problems

  • @readysetawesome said in Battery & charging issues:

    @benjamin_smith you’re judging full charge by the green light? If so then you and I have different problems

    The green light always comes on, but the app rarely reads 100% when that happens... and leaving it on the charger does not allow it to keep charging to 100%. The only way I get to 100% change with a green light is after doing a full drain (riding it until it dies).

  • I finally got Future Motion to take the board in for repair. Unfortunately the email that said "Attached here is your prepaid shipping label to get your board back to us for a quick repair." didn't have any attachments. With the response rate being over a week from customer support, I expect it'll take them a week to respond to my email asking them to resend the shipping label.

  • I went out on my OW+ today to see what mileage I could get on a full charge. I got up to 5.8 miles and still had 20% left so carried on. At 5.9 miles the board starting dipping, I checked the app and it said 17% so tried to carry on but it wouldn't. In the space of 5 seconds it went from 17% to 0%. WTF?? These things are heavy to carry for a mile! Not impressed with this! Anyone else had the same thing? Fixes?
    Apart from todays problem this thing is a blast!

  • @toooldtodieyoung
    I've found the app and board can get miscalibrated and I've had to do the mile walk of shame back to the car before, but after that happens everything re-calibrates and I'm good to go.

  • @toooldtodieyoung I hear you. I ran into this problem as I tried to run my battery down to recalibrate that battery gauge. For the situation where you are not near your home I saw someone take his belt and use it like a dog leash to tow his OW around. The buckle of the belt was used as an anchor between the front foot pad and the wheel. The belt ran under the front foot pad and the owner pulled on the belt at the other end with the OW in tow. Beats carrying it in a pinch.

  • Have you run out the battery on the bench? What's your cell voltage when plugged in overnight? Does the light on the ultra charger turn green when done? Can you post a pic of your cell voltages? Were looking for 3.60v to 3.64v per cell on a full charge. Total voltage should be 58.4v or a little more. A dead battery is about 44v. Also when your riding watch the "Usage" meter and see if it coincides with your battery meter.

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