Day 2, got launched

  • Day 2 of riding my OW+ around the neighborhood, in mission the whole time. Was going good and having a blast, about ten miles in. Went to go up a pretty steep hill, wanted to test the regen capability... it's about a 10% grade or so... came around the corner and started up when the nose dug in and vaulted me onto the road. Banged up my arm pretty good, and now every time I get on I'm wicked gun shy. I've tried elevated (which rides real nose up), and Cruz... but it's just not as enjoyable now.

    Going downhill today in elevated the board just straight shut off, luckily it came down on the tail but my phone then said the battery was over charged, problem solved turn around and go back up to burn some energy off, but both times I never got any warning, kickback, phone alert, etc.

    Anyone else had these issues? I was having a blast for the first ten miles, now I don't even want the thing.

  • @bozco all normal issues one can experience when first riding. As counter-intuitive as it seems, riding uphill is the cause of a lot of nosedives. That's because you're exerting pressure on the footpad to keep the motor juiced to get you up the hill, yet at the same time your nose is closer to the ground due to the rising slope. It's a bit of trick to learn how to tackle grades without nosediving. Maybe start off by switching back and forth and then graduate to going straight uphill, but you need to keep your weight back a bit while still exerting the required pressure to make it up the hill. The downhill shutoff is battery overcharge. Because the board regenerates battery power when braking, if you start off going downhill at 100% battery (or even close to it), the battery is unable to store any more power so it just shuts off. The key as you found out is to burn off some energy before going downhill. I've been pitched a number of times. Too many to count. When I first started riding it made me gun shy as well. Normal. Don't worry. Be sure to wear pads (helmet and wristguards at minimum, elbow and knee pads even better) and give yourself some time on less challenging rides for the first 50-100 miles. Stay either in Mission or Delirium, the other modes are potentially dangerous due to their low speed limits (elevated isn't bad but I only use it if I really need that nose riding up). Get the feel for the board, and learn / read / follow this forum / etc.- the more you know about OW, the more you'll eliminate the unknowns, soon you'll be tearing around town like nobody's business.

  • @bozco pads pads pads. You will be less gun shy if your elbows, wrists, head, knees are all covered for even casual rides. I drill myself daily on technique and take pride in having great control, but pads always for pavement, no amount of practice will change the fact that nosedives are a part of your life if you choose to ride this board. Eventually a bump on a hill will be too much (for what is really a weak motor), or you’ll get leaned too far into a turn and deactivate foot sensors. It will happen and then happen again no matter how many times you think “glad that’s out of the way” like I did twice now.

  • I’m sorry to hear that i had my for 2 weeks i have 32 miles now never had a single problem i ride elavated as we’ll dirt and cement i love this board

  • Sorry to hear about your wipeouts.
    I'm a brand new rider myself, almost up to 200 miles. I have never had a nose dive. Falling off of the board several times, mostly at low speeds, and nothing I can blame the board for – it has never shut off on me.

    I recommend taking it easy. I am closer to age 50 then 40, so I probably ride a lot more conservatively than most of you, but it has kept me in one piece :-)

    I remember when learning how to ski, they said if you're not falling down, you are not skiing hard enough. Well, probably the opposite applies for the Onewheel, because no one enjoys wiping out.

    From what I have read on these forums, nine out of 10 wipeouts occur when pushing the board past its ability to keep you upright. If you ride in delirium, and never exceed 15 miles an hour, you will have plenty of excitement, and never worry about a nose dive, ever.

    But that's just my opinion. Your mileage may vary. Good luck!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @wheelcity good points. FWIW I’ve had 3 nosedives in delerium all between 12-15 mph. All three times I made subtle mistakes and now understand how to better avoid and survive (1) nosedive-capable bumps, (2) going uphill too fast, and (3) leaning too far onto my sensor foot heel on a hard heelside turn (sensor deactivation).

    skidded on the nose, hopped off and stayed on my feet all three times, just had to run it out.

  • @rk_d it’s the best commuter ever! Grocery store trips all happen on Onewheel now, I can’t imagine going back to car slavery :)

  • @readysetawesome You use it for a grocery getter too huh? LOL, works SUPER well doesn't it?

    Hell, I've carried my 12' kayaks with it, works very well.

    Oh, and for the record, per the comment before yours - the OW will NOT deactivate if you uncover a sensor while moving.

  • @ow-miami I ordered a pizza the other night, takeout of course! 2 mile ride back holding a large pizza and a bag of wings, with a headlamp. Heard a lot of cars hitting the brakes to see what the heck...

  • @ow-miami I was more saying that it is possible to deactivate both sensors without removing your foot, just letting off the pressure is enough. I’ve done it twice outside in shoes and countless times while doing drills barefoot in the basement. Adjusting my foot position more towards the ball has helped with this problem.

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