Do vehicles honk/yell at you for no apparent reason?

  • I love it when someone just stares dumbfounded at it trying to figure out what voodoo I'm using to make it go. This lady the other day was walking with her kids on a trail and just stopped dead in her tracks, and as I went by just blurted 'What the hell is that????' I was well past her before I could answer ;-) I did get stopped by a couple of park rangers making sure it wasn't gas powered, I took the time and answered all their questions in hopes of educating them enough to never try to fine me LOL

  • @desperado they expect anything mass produced to be wrapped in shiny, cheap plastic. This board looks basic so people assume DIY

  • I was running my dog along the other day and an elder man who looked like he's in his 80's said,
    Your dog must be really strong to be pulling you like that...

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  • I also get - "is that thing powered?".

    I think because the OW looks so simple (hiding the complexity underneath the board) it confuses a lot of observers. The board make no noise, it goes up hills and flies like stink when we step on it. Surely an engine/motor cannot exist on such a thing? Between the high capacity Li battery and the hub motor, the combination of this technology baffles the general public.

    One guy was on a bike and I noticed he was following me for a few miles and then he disappeared. He ended up in front of me because he cut a corner and came around. He was waving his arms at me and asked "what is that?" "I first thought I could catch up to you but you kept going and going and going. Then you sped up even faster than I could pedal - all without breaking a sweat". I told him "I was from the future and soon you will be able to harness this technology for yourself!" Then I sped off as mysteriously as I came.

  • @desperado said in Do vehicles honk/yell at you for no apparent reason?:

    @flyingpapaya I think you're right. My coworker said "wow, looks like you have a lot of miles on that thing" when I was at 30 miles...

    I had someone say that to me back when my board was nearly brand-new. I figured out it was because he assumed the tire had tread on it when I got it.

  • My favorite question to get asked is "What is that?" b/c I can give the simple smart ass but truthful response of "The Future!" I especially like this response if I am riding by and I am not forced to answer any further questions.

  • Damn never considered they were honking because of my Onewheel. Just thought I was dead sexy.

  • @goodblake-eskate The future? Absolutely.
    And IMHO, and with all due respect,
    FM has no idea about the wide range of possibilities this thing has.
    Way beyond being a cool transportation/amusement device..

  • @saturnone i had a police officer stop me and ask questions and his partner mentioned they should get them for foot patrol

  • @pat_hurley

    Great idea.

    Security Guards should have them as well.
    Boy will there be a demand on that job. lol...

  • @saturnone Yeah the potential growth is huge. One thing that I have thought about a lot lately is self driving cars, and the huge disruption this is going to cause to our society in so many ways. So many depend on driving as a way of making a living etc. However I think small personal electric vehicles will greatly benefit from this. If cars are driving in more uniform / predictable fashion and are able to detect objects around them to prevent hitting them, then this makes the urban environment so much more conducive to personal electric vehicles for those of us who would rather ride versus hoping in a driver less car. I think about various Asian and European countries who use mopeds and motorcycles already to take advantage of every little bit of space within the city streets, and they do this with humans behind the wheel of the cars. It blows me away every time I travel overseas and see how these people weave in and out of cars etc. I imagine a similar thing happening here as our cities get more crowded and traffic and flow of people gets more more challenging. I imagine many people will opt for alternate means to be able to go around and in between the cars to get around, and people will prefer something small and portable versus a electric bike, motorcycle etc. I am rambling, but I see huge potential for this whole category of personal transportation. Even now, I feel like I see a new person riding some sort of electric vehicle everyday and then the opportunity that self driving cars provide just make the OW option so much more attractive.
    Anyways sorry for the rambling thoughts on the future :)

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