Riding Goofy for safety thoughts?

  • Hi Onewheel riders!

    Just wanted to got your toughts about this.

    I'm actually Goofy since I began snowboarding, but sometimes ride fakie for fun.

    I feel much more confortable within traffic or bike lanes facing the cars and traffic instead of turning my back to the road.
    As in my country we drive right side of the road, this means riding Goofy.

    Do you guys already tought of it?
    Do some of you had switch from regular to goofy for these reason??

    Now I would definetely advice a beginer to go for Goofy instead of Regular considering that.

  • Honestly, goofy or regular, I avoir rinding on the road. way too dangerous. Bicycle path or sidewalks are really a better option :) And I'm riding Goofy :P

  • Sure but still,
    when riding in a bike lane, you are close to cars, and I'm feeling pretty insecure when those cars are in my back :)

  • @Random
    Great post!
    I was thinking about this yesterday, for I've been trying to increase my versatility by riding with my opposite, or left foot in front (I've always preferred riding goofy - right foot in front).

    Then I realized how much I dislike riding left foot forward, for I have my back to oncoming traffic. Maybe that's why I prefer goofy, for as a kid, I learned on the streets.

    So here's my question - why is left foot forward considered the regular way, and right is goofy? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

  • IMHO, regular or goofy is just an arbitrary naming.

    Before E-Riding, I always considered that everybody had to choose their side...
    But now considering this, I would definetely advice my wife, kids or friends to better learn Goofy. ;)

  • @random
    Some folks in the FB group have been forcing themselves to learn both. Like ride to work regular, ride home goofy. Point being it’s a good skill to have, requires work and a good thing to actively work on.

  • There are a few places where I have to get off the trail and take the bike lane for a little while, and I always slow way way down and just coast carefully as far from traffic as possible. The benefit of having my back to traffic is people usually slow way down because they think I can't see them. They're already slowing down because they've never seen a OW before, so I feel pretty safe. I have tried goofy and for some reason it is not natural for me and I suck at it. I would rather ride in a way that I feel secure.

  • @random Goofy is perfect for the NASCAR track. You'll probably master going counter clock wise. Just ride the bank and you can avoid everyone in sight.

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