OneWheel to OneProp

  • I think I have found a new love. I am leaving my OneWheel project for a OneProp.

    OneWheel was and is fun, but needs to be opensource for it to make it future proof.


  • @fruitygreen What Onewheel project are you referring to?

  • @thegreck Really nothing substantial. Track /tank version(manual throttle needs more hacking), replaceable battery pack ( accomplished), total waterproof (not possible with hub motor, batterypack and controller case weakpoints are the LED light seals). Yeah I dont share my builds because it takes time to document. I was hoping their are more in -depth talk here about the controller and other internal mods.

    Although I have a background in Electronics , the embedded harware/software is canned and proprietary theparts availabilty is something I heavily think about should I ever make a mistake.

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