Fender with battery inside

  • Hey, I had this idea while sitting in traffic this morning. Was thinking about a fender that is thicker than the regular fender and contains batteries. It has a little XLR cable with a 90 degree plug that can be plugged into a dummy female XLR port while not in use and then when you need some extra juice you plug it into the power port.

    Has this already been done? I personally would love something like this. It would keep the weight balanced in the center and possibly extend range up to 10 miles.

    alt text

  • That's a cool idea. We know that the current product does not facilitate charging while running but at least you can have a power source handy to top up the unit when you are taking a break. Inside the battery fender, you will need an inverter to step up the voltage to the 58.5-ish volts to charge the pack. Depending on the thickness of the fender casing, you should be able to get a full charge packed into that space doubling your range.

  • Gotta make sure that battery is very well protected. If you rolled your OW and the battery somehow got damaged, you could easily get an explosive fire. You're probably better bolting a hardened battery case/cage on the fender.

    Otherwise, good idea!

  • I'd worry a bit about safety.

    The current battery is bracketed by basically all of the OW's structural elements -- it's in just about the safest place in the whole OW (second to the wheel hub). You are going to need to armor a battery in a more exposed position -- if the wheel ingests a rock and pins it to the battery from below, the maximum torque of the hub motor times its maximum ground speed is the amount of power your battery armor needs to be able to absorb in a collision. This is not a small number.

    At minimum I think you'd want cushioning or breakaways in the fender mountpoints?

  • @ggould I think battery safety and physical abuse are fair topics to consider but how many people have reported a breach of material (rocks, sticks, etc) that has come through the OW Fender today? Whether it be the FM version or the various after-market fenders out there. I don't believe a rock has ever torn a fender. Mounting a battery on the outside of the fender would probably give sufficient protection from such an incident.

    Now protection from OW roll-overs is another case that should be considered and often times, my OW has ended up on the fender (like a turtle on its back). The secondary barrier has to be there for such a situation which seems to be roughly sketched in the concept drawing. So with some safety consideration, I think such a battery fender could be manufactured.

    The big benefit is the weight of the pack is on the OW and not on the backpack of the rider. Whenever we want to go on a longer ride, we could strap on this battery fender as long as it is not a huge deal to do...

  • It would be beautiful if FM made a swappable battery. Several fellow riders have taken their boards apart and the battery just slides into the channel. Woulda been great if it could have been designed so it could be removed / replaced without taking the entire unit apart.

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