Random rapid acceleration, board won't stop

  • I got a onewheel+ about a month ago and had to send it back the same week for a two problems (battery wouldn't charge and psycho acceleration thing). Just got the board back today and went for a nasty spill over the front from issues that prompted me sending it back in the first place. Saga below:

    • I've been snowboarding for 20 years, have skated, have ridden segways and self balancing devices without issue
    • Get the onewheel and take it around the block the first few times in sequoia. Found the other shapings loosey goosey for the first few tries so went with training wheels mode. Start feeling confident and carving and riding faster. Mid block the motor starts accelerating noticeably without me leaning forward and the nose starts coming up sharply. I don't feel in control at all and the nose keeps rising while the tail eventually starts scraping against the ground. Scraping against the ground is what slows me down and brings me to a stop. Afterwards when I try to mount the board again it won't engage. I just step straight down to the ground on the nose with no balancing help.
    • I power off and power on and the board engages as normal and I ride straight home because I'm pretty freaked out by the whole "not being able to stop" thing
    • I start doing research and come across push back. I was riding in sequoia so figure it's a possibility that I hit the 10mph max and the nose started coming up on me. I don't understand why the motor would be accelerating and not stop as I was leaning back and scrapping against the ground but oh well, I chalk it up to being new.
    • Next day, I take everyone's advice and switch over to Mission mode. I get the hang of it quickly and start getting the feel of leaning into turns to accelerate while carving and get the first glimpse of the snowboarding sensation. "Hooray for mission mode!" I assume push back was at fault.
    • Next day it happens again in mission this time. I'm no where near 15 MPH, I'm on a flat street, and the board starts accelerating pretty aggressively on it's own. I instantly recognize it's happening again and try to ride it out but the tail scrapping on the ground grinds me to a halt. I ride home super slowly and it still happens a 2nd time, this time on an up hill slope and once again no where near 15 MPH. Since it's on an uphill the grinding to a halt goes a little smoother.
    • I file a ticket with FM and am waiting to hear back and am really stubborn and want the thing to work and don't want there to be any issues. Just want to enjoy the new toy! I head out around the block (stupid) and it happened again almost right away at speeds far below 10 MPH. This time was pretty severe and as the tail scraped the motor kept accelerating to the point that the tail scrapping wasn't stopping me. I actually had to jump off and the board kept accelerating and shoots under a parked car. Yikes. I'm officially done riding this thing until it's fixed. No way this is normal.
    • In the time waiting to hear back from FM, the board stops charging.
    • I get in touch with FM and they send me videos about push back but it's a far cry from what I'm experiencing. My experience as the opposite of the push back video. My board does not slow down when I lean back, even to the point of the tail scraping on the ground. The video looks like it's a gentile push that you can control, my board keeps accelerating and won't stop and feels out of control. In the video it happens at a high speed, my experience has been this kicks in at low speeds just cruising around the block.
    • I'm not sure they believe me about the accelerating issue but the battery thing seems legit so they have me send it back.

    2 weeks later...

    • Just got my board back today. They say they did in fact have to replace some parts related to the battery. It passed test rides and is good to go. YAY! I'm assuming all issues are fixed
    • I take it out for the first time in mission again and although my confidence is really weak, the board seems fine at first. I ride for about 20 min and slowly get the confidence back and it's working great. I'm convinced it's fixed! I'm leaning into turns and carving at 13 - 14 MPH and it feels really stable and responsive.
    • Then... same problem strikes. This time it's super pronounced. I'm going under 5 MPH to take a sharp turn at the base of an incline. Then I start going up the hill. The board rapidly starts accelerating and I'm pushed back with the tail about to scrape the ground and I'm trying like hell to stand tall and lean back but no luck slowing it down. Then next thing I know the nose dives into the pavement and I'm launched off the front like a sling shot. It's as if the self-balancing mechanism gave out. This problem is new. I had always had to jump off the back, never been flung over the front before. This is still up an incline, under 15 MPH (10 if I had to guess). As I tumble on the pavement the board shoots past me (motor on?) into a parked car again.

    sooo..... yeah. Needless to say I'm pissed and disappointed. When the board is responsive I absolutely love it and it's worth every penny. I also seem to have inherited an insane haunted board with a mind of its own that tore up my arm and shoulder pretty nicely. I honestly don't think it's user error but now I'm second guessing myself and have considered selling the damn thing because my confidence is that low and my frustration is that high. I'm going to call FM tomorrow and I'm sure the board will have to go back again.

    Am I insane? Should I give up? Has anything like this happened to anyone else? Did it get fixed? Is there hope?

  • FWIW This post from a few years back reads pretty similar: http://community.onewheel.com/topic/758/board-not-slowing-down

  • How much do you weigh (including gear you may be carrying while riding)?

    What tire pressure are you using?

    Have you had the 'normal pushback', i.e., pushback without the acceleration, in other situations?

    Do you remember what your battery charge was at when you had these incidents?

  • @maxjaypower i was having some similar issues with the new update and surging. idk whats going on with your board but i can tell you what ive learned. on the pushback video you watched i want you to notice how the rider bends his back knee and sinks it in towards his front knee. he doesn't lean back. this works.
    also, you have to watch it when you're wanting to start a carve up hill. the rapid acceleration is the board doing what it thinks you're asking it to do. you have to be smoother on an incline that you do on a decline and have less back to front rapid manipulation. you have to save the rapid back to front board manipulation for very slight inclines and level ground. you can still carve the crap out of it but you have to be smooth.
    now how to get around all that. im 6'2" tall and weigh about 185 with clothes and gear. i increased my tire pressure to 24.5#. the board feels like a million dollars to me this way. there is no resistance to carving. it feels like snow. i can't tell you how much of being careful with uphill carving and rapid acceleration i don't have to deal with anymore. interesting note, i checked the tire pressure to see if it was holding, it was, but the little bit of air that escaped changed the way the board responded a good bit. so i got a little inflator you plug into the lighter in a car with an automatic cutoff at whatever you set. this way i can take a little out for tough trails and put it back in for pavement or smooth trails. long story short, when you get it back, bump it up to 20#, then try 22# and so on until your board isn't stressing from the way you're trying to ride it. and until you find that, be careful with rapid acceleration on an incline. when you find the sweetspot for your weight you're not going to believe how the board operates. my fiance weighs 107# and doesn't have any issues with these things on either ow+ we own.

  • I weigh 175, 6' tall. I haven't added any air to the board but did check the PSI when it arrived and and it's ~19.5.

    Honestly can't say that I've felt "normal push back" without the acceleration at top speeds, I've kept the board between 10 MP and 15 MPH because these rapid acceleration issues freak me out. I'm still not convinced that what I'm feeling is push back since the acceleration is what I feel first and it's happening at lower speeds.

    The battery charge has been anywhere from 20% - 50% when this happens. I don't think I've ever had it happen between 100% and 50% come to think of it. But it's happened multiple times on the same trip as the battery continued to drain.

    @raz thanks for the tip on higher PSI. May have to try that when I heal up! Your comments about accelerating uphill make sense... I've gone up and down hills before without issue and I thought I was taking it easy but I can understand how the board responds up hill. To me all these incidents have felt like the board starts accelerating with a mind of its own and in the cases of the tail dragging on the ground it just won't stop.

  • @maxjaypower I am wondering if you are experiencing low battery pushback and your app is not reading the battery % correctly. My board dies when I have 20% left according to the app but I have traveled 7 miles on it so I am getting the full battery life. Do you know how many miles you had ridden before it started doing this? Its either that or one of the cells in your battery is bad and is making the board shut off early.

  • Wanted to keep this thread updated. Thanks everyone for the help. These forums have been great so far! The next day after this post, I discovered that the battery is still not charging properly, which is why FM had me send it back in the first place. I plug it in, the cord's green light changes to red, and it appears that the board starts charging. I leave it over night and come back to no green or red light at all and find out that the board has only charged about 10%. This is exactly what it was doing before I send it back 2 weeks ago.

    After reading this thread and thinking back to the past incidents of the "accelerating without stopping" incidents, I realized they have all been in the 30% batter or less range. So that seems like a big red flag since the board went back for failure to charge and is still acting up. Sigh. I have a note out to FM and assuming it will have to go back again. Pretty damn frustrating.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @maxjaypower no choice bro, the board's gotta go back to FM for some factory love.

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