Installed the Hoosier tire. A little disappointing.

  • Maybe you got the wrong size combined with air pressure is too high. I have tried the 5.5 once. It was "interesting" at the high pressure I tested. Would be interested to try it with normal pressure range. I have the 6.5 with 15-20 psi depending on terrain. I'm not sure the reasoning for people to desire such high pressure. My car is thousands of pounds and doesn't even need that much. Sure you might get better range but unless you only ride on flawlessly smooth pavement with no obstacles, it's just not practical IMO. I'm also the guy only riding the powder at the ski area, steering clear of any groomed so rider preference I guess.

  • @lieutenantglorp I guess that if you ride only the powder at the ski area you should not ride so often ;) (kidding, I know it was easy ;))
    On the other hand I agree with you, 38 PSI is such a high pressure...the OW will feel very unstable....

  • All this talk about tire pressure makes me think about those electric skateboards (I saw one downtown last night). Sure the trucks have a suspension bushing and the tires have some compliance but I would have to think the ride is way more harsh than our OW's. City streets aren't always perfectly paved. There are potholes, manhole covers, sewer grates, pavement patch transitions, etc. I have mine at 1/10th my weight and I have no complaints.

  • @wheelcity

    @njcustom did a 3 alternative tire side by side review last week in the Facebook group... below is a copy and paste of his main post:

    "My thoughts on these 4 tires. They all have their place in the sport .. it's all about personal preference..

    Hoosier 11x6.5-6 -- ran it at 16psi with no rubbing or shaving the tire.. this tire is the 2nd flattest tire next to the factory Vega. It's carves very good and balances good.. it's nice and soft and goes over rough terrain a little better then the vega

    Hoosier 11x5.5-6 -- ran it at 22psi .. with this tire you lose roughly 1/8" diameter compared to the Vega. It's the roundest of all the tires and very touchy on the turns..

    Hoosier 11x6.0-6 slick. Ran it at 22psi.. its nearly the same as the treaded 11x6.5-6 but a hair better at turning .. this tire makes the least noise ...treaded tires make a buzz sound..

    Vega - ran at 20psi .. all can really say about the Vega is that it's the best balancing tire.. it's the most square..

    I'm personally going to stick with the hoosier slick Because the slicks kick up less sand and I love the beach.. I felt like the 11x5.5-6 Hoosier was to much carve for me.."

  • So the 6.5 is a good middle ground for carving and flat balance? I'm interested in the Hoosier once my Vega wears out, but the touchiness of the 5.5 sounds a little unforgiving for my daily commute. The 6.5 requires no modification to the board then, as long as you keep the pressure around 15?

  • I ride the 5.5" at high PSI. I cannot rave enough about it.

    Your ankle and foot muscles will strengthen very quickly if you're riding daily.

    Put 50 miles on it and report back.

  • @8bit
    Don't do it!

    A real informative post! That should be a sticky.
    Where is the OW Facebook group? The only one I can find is Onewheel riders with severed limbs, and bloody gashes.

    For those contemplating a tire switch, think of it this way. A rounded tire = really loose skateboard trucks
    If you're going long distances, while looking at the scenery, and carrying a backpack, loose trucks will completely get on your nerves, for you can't sit back and relax, for the slightest weight shift or ankle movement causes a severe direction change.

    On the other hand, if you spend your days going in-between orange cones spaced 6 inches apart, like Gwinntanamo (kidding!) you will love loose trucks, or rounded Hoosier tires.

    I made the mistake of imagining a Hoosier tire would give me a hybrid, or "loose, hydraulic trucks," that is, trucks that are loose, but change direction slowly.

  • It sounds like you got the wrong sized Hoosier (too small) and your PSI is way way way too high. A 11x6.5-6 Hoosier at 12-15 PSI is the sweet spot.

  • @wheelcity

    Search FB for OneWheel Owners Group. Too much activity to keep up with to be honest but theres a ton of info and great videos posted daily.

  • @wheelcity Haha. I can, indeed, slalom some cones - but I can also cruise.

    Dudes who ride with loose trucks don't sacrifice the ability to ride casually. They work up their ankles and familiarity with the board to the point where they can do both.

    I often fiddle with my phone, spark a spliff, clean my glasses, etc. while riding casually on my OW. But when I want to charge through traffic, I do it with the confidence that I can cut hard whenever I need to.

    I get it when casual OWers think the Hoosier is too intense. But, anyone who truly loves riding and thinks the Vega rolling pin is the best solution is... unusual... ;)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @skyman88 would like to know efficiencies for each of these as range can be a contributing factor in selecting.

  • @phukendrew

    Look no further than founder of Bolder Denim jeans and super all around awesome guy Bradley Micheal Spence’s detailed review of the top tire choices as of two months ago:


  • I just did my first tire change in a hotel last week. I went with the Hoosier slick in the stock size. I got it to get a harder rubber as the Vega had picked up a few cuts.

    I watched the tutorial on youtube by Jeff McCosker and had the tire off and the new one on in less than an hour with no tools.

    Maybe check that out before you change another tire.

    Also I noticed the tire is directional and I installed it backwards, lol.

    FWIW I run my Hoosier at 22-24 PSI and love it. It is way carvy-er and I find the increase in low speed maneuverability well worth the trade for a lower top speed (it speed wobbles at a lower speed, maybe because of the rounder profile or maybe the backwards mounting). I have seen a few miles increase in my range, but that may be due to me riding at a consistently lower speed than any quality of the tire.

  • Is the Burris tire similar?

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