Figured out what was causing me to nosedive

  • Couldn’t figure out what had caused me to nosedive 3 separate times. Posting this in case it helps someone else not crash.

    I would suddenly feel a sensation that the back of the board was much lower than the front and it felt like the board was gonna shoot out from under me. So I would lean forward hard, which would cause the board to accelerate and then nosedive. I’ve heard this described as due to “Surge”. I realized it’s just an illusion and leaning back at that time didn’t make the board shoot out from under me, but slowed it down.

    Whenever I feel this now on the board I’ll glance down at the board and I can visually confirm that the tail of the board isn’t dragging and it’s all just an illusion.

    I realize that the board is compensating for the forward movement and that’s what I’m sensing and that I need to trust the software and not panic. Haven’t nosedived now for a couple of hundred miles.

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  • @yojimbo what you are feeling is pushback. It’s the board’s way of saying slow down. It is intentional.

  • One way that I can familiarize myself with what a pushback feels like is to try a lower shaping - like Cruz. Another way is to select Elevate mode. It is amazing what a couple degrees of tilt feels like. Your body should be able to notice any subtle changes in pitch if you concentrate a little.

  • @yojimbo This is Pushback & it is by design.

    This is described "briefly" in the manual on page 35.

    There is a lot of really good information here.

  • just wanted to throw in trying to fold your rear knee in a little bit towards your front knee when its happening. this will sink your back hip and get the weight off the front without you having to lean back. safer.

  • I am a 56 year old noob and I love my OW. I have had my stick for 2 weeks, and I had my first & hopefully last nosedive as it is keeping me out of the water for a bit and the surf is going off. I was riding "Mission" and was at upwards of 17 mph when the board stopped. Ouch. Several bruises and scrapes, but no breakage, thankfully. My reason for writing is to ask the experienced about pushback as I am certain that it was my user error and not OW's engineering that launched me. The description of pushback has led me to believe that it would be fairly obvious, but I am thinking now that I have ridden through several pushbacks without knowing it. I have felt a few times that the nose was riding a bit higher and my control seemed a bit less secure. Could that be a pushback? If so, I thought the sensation would be a bit more obvious. I have since gotten back on the board and am riding with a bit more caution. Would a possible audio signal be out of the question? I don't want to suggest anything that would ruin the experience of the experienced, but if an audio signal was employed for us newbies and there was the ability to switch it off for the pros, perhaps that would aid without mucking with the overall engineering. I would love to get back to the confidence I had prior to my dive. The overall performance of the OW is fantastic and I want to feel that shredding feeling that I have when I skate, snowboard and surf.

  • @cgrid how much do you weigh? The lighter you are the more noticeable pushback is. I'm 209# and for me pushback is as you described: nose riding higher and board seems a bit less secure. The more you ride the more you'll be able to detect the subtleties of pushback. Stick with it, you're on the right path.

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  • @groovyruvy Weighing in at 185. Thanks for reaffirmation and encouragement.

  • @rk_d hmmm. I haven't had any audio signals so far
    . Perhaps an alarm is a bit severe for pushback, but a downcycling alert would be cool maybe.

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  • Try running in Sequoia mode. 12MPH limit, so you can easily max out and feel pushback.

  • @rk_d Awww damn, I always have my sound off... Gonna remedy that when I ride. Thanks!!

  • @poppavein Thanks, I will do that!

  • @poppavein Thanks for the tip. I rode in Sequoia for a couple of miles and felt the pushback. It is clear that I was riding though pushback before and was not taking heed - doh! I noticed that when I took the OW offroad in Sequoia that I was getting a bit bogged down and eventually had to stop whereas in other modes I had no problem. So my assumption is that the different "shapes" will increase in tolerance and power as I swipe through them. In other words, Sequoia for the novice up through to Delerium. Is this a fair assumption?

  • @cgrid As a novice with only 24 miles, I'd say so but I'm no expert.

    As in a lot of sports, there is a point where your skills are not as good as you think ... so it is easy to go too fast for your skills.

    I probably should be in Cruz but I usually go in Mission.

  • its faster and looser in mission. its got more torque in delerium and you get more assistance. some like it in d for off-road. the better i got the more i like mission. im 185# geared up and im riding mission at 25#'s. its loose and fast. next ride im gonna try 28#. (if you try just be more careful getting off, be prepared to jump off if you're failing at the heel lift)

  • @yojimbo I use to have this happen. For me, I needed to move up to more advanced modes. It was happening because I was maxing out the speed for the entry level modes. Never happens on Mission, Elevated, or Delirium.

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