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  • Hey buddy, how's it going? Noone for 35 miles from me with OW, I bought a second one for back to back rides and so my friends can ride with me, more than twice the fun. I've been messaging a guy called Chigzy about meeting up this spring and summer, he's building portable chargers for when there's no cafe or pub to charge up at, cool guy. He's gunna come to Nottingham sometime, there's tons of cool places to float round here. I cannot wait to hit a beach, I used to surf and body-boarding so it's THE place these things should be I think, that will be soon hopefully. Open to ideas of other places to meet. The Peak District isn't far from me, the regen possibilities are gunna be big. Are you on the FB onewheel groups? They are better than this forum

  • @redboyjan Hello mate which Facebook group is the best one? All the best Chris

  • Hi Chris. All of them! The onewheel owners group and onewheel riders group are the best two I think

  • @redboyjan Great thanks for the heads up buddy

  • Welcome to the OW community. They're a funny bunch. I been floating a few months, I picked up the first OW+ that came up for sale used here in the UK and got a low mileage v1 for my buddies, more than twice the fun with two. Plus what if board one wasn't working/charged/elsewhere? That would be disaster!
    So I saw your post asking if anyone was selling a OW+ in Europe. My buddy has seen enough and wants a OW+ in the UK. And another friend seemed well in to it and had big conversations with me about OW so hopefully he'll buy one too. I'm the only OW rider for miles and miles here. Gunna travel to meet this spring and summer. Anyway I seen a couple of OW+ on ebay recently. How did you get your OW in the end of you don't mind me asking?

  • @maggiek yep, I’m about to Pre Order the XR, I am just waiting for a weekend free to take the 5 hour drive down the Weymouth for a 15 min test ride, I’m sure I’m going to love it, but it’s a lot of cash to blindly drop. Where abouts in Essex are you? I’m in Chelmsford.

  • @scott-d hi dude, i messaged you on FB too, wanna hook up 30 April to 3 May, I'll be staying in North shields / Newcastle area

  • @davidw hi David, I'll be up staying in North shields / Newcastle 30 April - 3 May if yur about sir?

  • @adamdoubleg hi Adam, I'm up staying in the North shields / Newcastle area 30 April to 3 May if that's close enough and any good for you?

  • @redboyjan Hi, that would've been cool but I don't think I'll be free then, sorry! Let me know if you make any group ride plans though, just in case!

  • While the forum software questioned me on replying to this thread due to it's age, I didn't feel the need to create a new one.

    So! Hello! I'm Pete, and I've got a OneWheel+!

    @redboyjan I'm Nottingham based as well, so hopefully some time we could get out for a ride! I did see someone who was quite tall near where I live on a OneWheel last week, but they had disappeared round a corner before I could pull up and chat. Was that you? Sherwood area.

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