Why dismount requires getting off the sensor

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  • I feel your pain.

    Future update should allow voice control through the app. So one could stop the motor by voice, perhaps switch modes when you want to use Elevate for a steep hill.

  • What do you want, AI? The engineering team that worked this thing out is extremely intelligent, and in reading basically every post on this forum for three years, I’ve never seen anyone come up with a better way to accomplish this.

    Everything worth doing has a learning curve, just keep at it and you’ll get it like the rest of us did.

  • @rk_d
    Wow - you're really critical of this design, and quite sarcastic too.
    Got any better engineering solutions?

    Gotta admit it's pretty brilliant that stepping off a sensor shuts it down - meaning it doesn't require a hand-held remote.

    Even if you could shut the board off with your mind, it would still be awkward, especially if you’re not at a complete stop, or not prepared for the self-balancing motors to quit.

    Don't worry, the more riding experience you get, the more confident you'll get at dismounting. Good luck!

  • @rk_d
    Don't worry, we were all humiliated noobs at one point. While stopped, practice transferring your weight to the ball of your front foot and the heel of your rear foot (or vice versa). So your weight is, for example, on the left side of the front footpad and the right side of the rear footpad. This will keep the board balanced while de-activating one of the sensors. With practice you can do this while your slowing down so the board turns off as soon as you stop. When you get more comfortable, practice doing a really hard brake once you're at about 7 mph. The bumper should scrape the ground because of how hard you are braking and that's when you take your front foot off completely and put it on the ground. The wheel might do a little slip before shutting off but with practice you can take your front foot off soon enough so that the motor just stops as soon as the board stops moving. Good luck!

  • @desperado That's a neat idea that I have to try out. I fear at my weight (150 lbs) that once I try to push on my back foot quickly, I won't be able to time my front foot dismount fast enough. The board would then go backwards while my front foot is transitioning off the board. Then I would be doing an uncomfortable split! Timing is everything I suppose.

  • @gadgetrider You wouldn’t do a split, because one foot would be on the tail and the other foot would be in the air. You’d only put it down once the board stopped.

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  • I find the 2 sensors dismount brilliant and convenient.

    About the only disadvantage is the myth that people were nose diving due to sensor malfunction, but this hasn't been proven.

    I think it's why FM made a wider sensor area on the + and I find it annoying and it seems to cause dismount failures more often the original IMO.

    For us who've been riding for a while, we can manage and adapt, but for newbs who had issues with dismount on the original, will find the + a bit harder until they get the hang of it. The dismount feature needed no upgrading IMO.

    The other safer way is an easy mod. Hook a cable with a switch and turn it on manually once you level and hang the switch like a key chain, turn it off before dismount. Have a connection that comes off and cut the power in case of a crash. No runaway board and no fear of sensor malfunction.

    Thought of doing it, but I trust the sensors to a point where I don't see the need.

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  • Can't relate. I own a V1 and dismount is a breeze. you just heel-toe your way to the front of the board and slide your foot off. I've never ridden a plus but I imagine that the wider sensor makes that difficult, but not impossible. You seem frustrated, try to relax. Onewheel is a thing of beauty and has brought me nothing but joy since getting the hang of it.

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  • @rk_d That's a train-wreck waiting to happen and ethically I wouldn't attempt such an experiment knowing it may hurt the rider.

    Just like any serious mode of transportation, it would be unconscionable to let an untrained rider get on a device without proper warnings and training. I always tell me newbie riders how to dismount by jumping off with both my feet at the same time and if they want to get fancy, they can learn the footpad sensor off method. Instructions for Use are there for a reason. I wouldn't get into a car if I have never driven (maybe that's an extreme example) but the point is the same.

    Can a better dismount method be devised? Possibly but even after reading your alternate solutions, I can see both pros/cons to all of them and none of them to be significantly better than what is implemented at this moment. I have no knowledge as to whether an accelerometer is incorporated into the hardware though I do know an inclinometer is.

    I would suggest that you send some of your ideas directly to FM so that they can assess whether to implement some of these options in future firmware revisions. We - on this board - cannot do much with the brightest ideas since we do not have the ability to make any product changes naturally.

    Don't get discouraged if you feel the rest of us are complacent about improving on the product but as more mature owners, we are finding that the current implementation is pretty good so far. I am sure we would welcome improvements as they are found. To suggest that the brightest minds in Silicon Valley have not done enough to make the product safer would imply that you know better than those who live with this product every working hour. That's a tough call in my mind but you are free to express your opinion about it.

  • @rk_d said in Why dismount requires getting off the sensor:

    This morning I have been contemplating demonstrating this problem on You Tube by putting together a legal waver and asking passers by to take a ride on the board without being told anything at all about how to dismount knowing that it's dangerous to get on if you don't know how to get off.

    You are a psycho!!!
    Would you do that to your mother or sister?
    What if during driver’s ed, someone put you in a car without telling you where the brakes were?

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  • @rk_d All terrible ideas. Shut off system is fine as is. Also, people aren’t just hopping on these boards without instruction....unless your a bad friend. I have had countless people try my board and I instruct / show them how to operate it. When I received my board, I also read the instructions (mind blowing concept right!).

    As for your ideas:

    1. nope. If I’m at a stand still and want to turn the board around 180 degrees so I could ride switch, I don’t want my board shutting down.

    2. likewise, if I’m at a red light or crosswalk and I want to stay on my board so I am ready to go when the light changes, one naturally wiggles back and forth a bit staying balanced. Absolutely don’t want my board to shut off in that situation.

    3)....this doesn’t even sound like a coherent solution.

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  • This forum is getting funnier every day.

  • @rk_d No worries! Only want the people with common sense reading that, so no crazy ideas get passed through and ruin the riding experience. Stay vigilant!

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