Viceland : Nuts + Bolts

  • Yo, I searched "Nuts + Bolts" and nothing came up. Totally apologize if this subject has already been discussed here.

    Anyway, I bought the Viceland Nuts+Bolts episode where they make an electric go kart with Onewheel parts. Dude, Tyler, is like , "I don't know shit about making go karts, but I've got ideas. And thats all it takes". Dude, Tyler, if you're reading this, you need some skills to match your ideas. You come off as some lame bossy ass celebrity. You were condescending to Kyle, awkward at Faraday motors, and you ride your dirt bike like a poser. I browsed your music library and I can't dance to any of it. Let Frank Ocean give you a handy so you can write something that actually rhymes to a melody.

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