Dogs HATE Onewheel !!!!!!!

  • Alors qui s'est fait coursé par un gros chien méchant qui devient fou et veux croquer ta board?
    Vous êtes prévenus ça fait peur pour ses mollets :scream: :scream: :scream:

  • I translated what you wrote through google, but it came out poor is my guess. I can agree though, one of my dogs doesn't care and the other is scared to death at it even though both go on runs with me riding.

    I've had one instance where a dog escaped from his owner and started to charge me. Luckily I'm well educated in dog training, soon as I stepped off the board and held my ground he backed off. Seems to be a theme though with dogs not being able to make out what it is.

  • Doesn't bother my dog at all. And I've passed a lot of dog walkers and their dogs have not cared either.

  • I passed one who was very annoyed. The owner said that he also hates skateboards.
    I'm generally riding carefully around dogs, but they usually don't mind too much.
    Some really do hate it tho.

  • I have a 2 year old pit bull and one of the few ways I can give him the exercise he wants is having him pull me on a long board. We go a mile one way and a mile back. If he is still pumped up we go a couple more blocks around the house.

    I was wondering, with regenerative breaking, would my pup be charging the OW by pulling me? I will be getting my board soon and will post video/pictures of how it goes.

  • @Blades Mechanically I'm curious if this would even work. You'd have to move forward, then have the dog start pulling and then you brake.

    I wouldn't try this with my dogs after running them almost daily on the board. The lateral stability isn't there and I have to keep a lot of focus to ensure they're following me correctly and staying behind me. If they were leading and made a change in direction I'd go off I'm sure if I wasn't able to correct. I didn't take them running till a week after having the board and moving into Extreme mode to where I was comfortable. I think it all depends how well your dog is able to maintain a straight course. Even with my dogs behind me, if they darted left I'd go off. I carry the leash very loose for this reason.

  • Passing dogs on the street - most don't care, some are curious but a few just go completely crazy like I'm about to kill everything they hold dear in this world. Incredibly aggressive. Fortunately this is the rare reaction.

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