Sold: $1450 - OW+, extra charger, Wave Stand, Carbon Fiber Fender, Silver Handle

  • Update: Sold/Traded! Thanks

    Bloomington, Indiana OW+ for sale with the above listed items with ~500miles on it. Delivered on 5/24/17, so warranty is good until 5/24/18.

    It's great and has ZERO issues. I'm choosing to avoid my own mistakes sending me to the ground hard AND I want to buy a gaming/vr pc. So, my loss is your gain.

    I bought:

    Total: $1854

    I'm selling it for $1450 and I'll split the shipping cost with the buyer or $1400 for local pickup in central Indiana (Bloomington or Indianapolis area).


  • Oh yeah. I'll also throw in my wrist guards which are critical :-)

  • How about a trade? I have a year-old gaming rig with a GTX 1080 + 32 GB RAM, etc. etc. + a VIVE in perfect condition with deluxe headstrap (all controllers etc.).

    I live in San Francisco, so we'd have to ship. But it might be a great solution for both of us.

  • @gwinntanamo I PM'd you

  • Why are you selling it? Got hurt?
    Steve T

  • Okay. I love this thing. It's AMAZING fun and rock solid. I use it for commuting, but I have other fun options available and I fear a fall causing some serious damage to my body and soul. That's not enough for me to sell though... the fun is greater than the fear. BUT, I want to get into VR development and this is an opportunity to make the transition without spending extra $$$ (makes wife-approval easier).

    My story / timeline:

    Day 1, Hour 1: Went from barely moving to being confident and flying around the parking lot
    Day 1, Hour 2: Accidentally rode with not enough pressure on the sensor, nose dived, and got bloody road rash
    Day 2-Day 15: Slowly rebuilt confidence, had one fall, but was minor. Got to the point where I'd ride right at the point of pushback. It was great.
    Day 16: Flying up a moderate grade, nose-dived, bloody road rash and lots of bruises and a sprained shoulder that took a couple months to stop hurting
    Day 17-Day 30: SUPER SLOWLY rebuilt confidence... scared every ride of some unexpected serious fall
    Month 2-5: Added 400 miles. Always cruise at 14mph. Lots of 3 mile trips to and from work. No falls. All is great. Even began to love the "andromeda" surge... knowing that it's overcompensating to prevent a nosedive.

    The past few weeks:

    Had a few close calls on crashes in 1 ride. Hit an unseen pothole in a busy intersection at speed and JUST barely recovered. Went over a speed-hump a little too fast and almost lost by balance... with a car 15 feet behind me.

    I got home and began to reflect on:

    1. will I fall again? (yes, at some point, I'm not terribly careful),
    2. what could happen if I do? (I ride on the road almost exclusively, full speed, with cars behind me... a fall would HURT and maybe cause a broken bone, lost work, etc.... and chances are high I'll be in traffic and potentially end up having a close encounter with a reckless car.)

    The next day I saw someone post a photo of their X-ray with broken bones requiring surgery. Yeah. That could easily be me.

  • @bendalton Nice recount of the ups and down of your OW ownership experience. Sorry to hear that we will be losing you (for now).

    Did you wear any protective gear? Do you have any advice for the rest of us that are still hanging on to our OW's? I wear gloves, front elbow pad, high-top shoes and a helmet. I am always trying to concentrate on the terrain in front of me as I enjoy the ride.

  • @gadgetrider I only have 30 miles on my board, but after getting my helmet, my first crash told me I needed wrist guards. My second crash proved that was a wise investment, but also told me I needed elbow pads.

    I bought knee pads, but I'm waiting for a crash to tell me I need to wear them. ;)

    I don't need to worry about traffic when I go to the Cantina, and don't wear elbow/knee pads when I go there. Could be a mistake after a couple margaritas ...

  • @gadgetrider Great question... I think for now might be accurate too.

    I feel like helmet and wrist guards are a must. If you look around at other riders' accounts of their falls. It's very common to see a pair of wrist guards that have been totally GOUGED by the pavement. It saves you on two huge fronts: bloody palms (which I had happen when I used to inline skate in my misspent youth) and broken wrists. I also think that the hard plastic that protects your arms also allows your hands to slide forward potentially preventing a broken bone in your arm.

    I did skin my leg and elbow pretty badly... in both cases they were more sliding injuries rather than impact. So ride with long sleeves and pants and that would have probably solved those issues. Shorts and a t-shirt and a nose-dive are not a good combination.

    I'm not really into the elbow/knee pad thing, but then again, I'm not doing any drops or fancy tricks... so ymmv.

  • Side note to this thread: The OneWheel is awesome. I can not stress that enough. Carving down a road or on a trail with some great music in my ear is a beautiful thing. Commuting is fun and exploring my city is an adventure. It has gone 400 miles without a hiccup and I expect any accident in the future would be of my own making.

    Soo.. I really hope this whole VR thing is worth it :-)

  • @poppavein
    Not sure I follow your logic... that's like I'll wait until I total my car to see if I want to wear a seat belt.

    I ride 99.9% of the time in jeans (don't know if it matters), elbow pads, wrist guards and a helmet. I need to show up to work every Monday.

    @bendalton Sorry to hear you're moving on. Great price and kit of parts.

  • @bendalton said in FS: $1450 - OW+, extra charger, Wave Stand, Carbon Fiber Fender, Silver Handle:

    @gadgetrider Great question... I think for now might be accurate too.

    I feel like helmet and wrist guards are a must.

    On the other hand, I crashed pretty good early this year while wearing wrist guards. One thing that you'll find out if you dig into it is that while they protect your wrists they also take away the shock absorption your wrists provide and transfer all that force upwards into your arm. I dislocated and fractured my shoulder in a fall that I'm pretty sure would have just scraped up my palms pretty bad without guards on.
    Another friend of mine fell off an electric unicycle wearing wrist guards and fractured his elbow for the same reason. Not saying there's not situations where they help but they aren't 100% helpful.

  • @rustedplastic Oh interesting, I had no clue.

  • I see no-one is responding to the actual offer.

    Would you take $1,350 shipped? REALLY can't afford this at all, but having a buddy board is appealing to me.

  • I actually just accepted another offer. Thanks though! @OW-Miami

  • I have a second unit (aka Buddy board) already. If I ever buy a third, it may be the V3 some day. Having a second board serves a lot of great purposes - back up unit if I have to send one in for repair or tire change; bring a friend along on great lunchtime excursions; able to handle a full 18 holes of golf via swap out between holes 9 and 10; etc.

  • I just wanted to add for the record that I ended up doing a trade with @Gwinntanamo. He's a class act and I could not have had a better experience. If you ever find yourself selling/buying/trading with him, rest assured that things will go well. Thanks @Gwinntanamo!

  • @bendalton

    Likewise, my friend!

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