Fender made with a more appropriate material

  • Njacobs

    How is the new style fender holding up? I made the same style as you with the aluminum bracket like you have. Works good until I crash the OW a few times, I found the aluminum would bend inwards towards the wheel, and start rubbing the tire itself. Thinking I may need to switch from Aluminum to Steel on my brackets. I think I may be kinda hard on my OW. Love the look of the OW fender, but the material certainly seems like the wrong choice.

  • @gibby My DYI mud-flap fender is working great, I haven't had any issues.

  • I still have my first OW fender one of the holes cracked and it has a partial crack in the middle, what I did was take gafting tape and covered the finder in that and haven't looked back since and it looks prime.

  • @tony420121 do you have any photos to post?

  • I would also like to see what you did to repair it Tony. Thanks

  • I rode it in to the office today Ill take a photo later and show the board and the type a tape I used.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I operate the sales floor at the oldest and most experienced eBike Store in Portland, Oregon. We sell Onewheel products there as well as premium electric bikes.

    Part of my enjoyment of the float that we all love is not having our parts breaking off the board. Particularly the fender. I have made a magnetic fender mount for the Future Motion fender that holds on as needed and will allow detachment when desirable. You roll the board and torque it in any direction and it comes off. Currently we are testing the working prototype now.

    It really looks promising. I developed this initially due to pine needles and leaves jamming between the wheel and the fender. I would need to remove the fender every ten minutes just to clear the jam. For more info: rcyders@yahoo.com

  • @magiccarpetrider
    That's really cool and considerate for your customers! I would still forward the complaint to FM, maybe as a dealer you will have a little more clout than your average customer.
    Even though the magnetic mount is a huge improvement, it's not exactly a complete solution. In a perfect world the fender would not come off except when you actually want it to, and it wouldn't be fragile in the event that the OW lands on it

  • Yes FM, please use different (better) plastic for the fenders. I assume you can even use the same mold. Dirt bike fender type of plastic would work great! While you're at it, how about color choices for the fender?

  • @njacobs

    Your wish has been granted! I decided to make some cheap fenders out of a proper material, so I melted down some dirtbike fenders and made these! (Just kidding, they are vac formed)

    Indestructible Fender

  • @makermarc That's what I'm talking about! Will you be selling these?

  • @njacobs I did a small batch of these as an experiment and the leftovers are for sale. I guess if there is significant demand I may come up with a slightly more professionally executed version, maybe introduce different colors, polycarb version etc.

  • @makermarc
    I feel you are on to a great fender option with the “FlexFender” design. I will be keeping an eye on this one.... Great work!

  • I too like the flexible/durable fender idea. Carbon fiber looks great and can be durable for the right circumstances but the onewheel is a terrible application when it is guaranteed to go sliding across the pavement at some point. Magnetic mounted fenders that pop off instead of breaking are not great option either...you don't see any dirt bike or mountain bike parts that take that approach.

  • @makermarc Post photos of the extras. I may be interested in purchasing one. PM me the photo and price.

  • @cbr-954rr True, but their wheels aren't as sexy as the OW, nor do they have the problem of accumulating a pile of shit that will send you flying. Magnetic fender FTW.

  • @ventoriffic when we ride offroad, I constantly have to wait for my buddy to retrieve his magnetic fender when it bounces off with no crash involved. Inevitably he gives up and straps it to his backpack and finishes the ride with muddy footpads and pants. I've only had to remove my fender once while riding, taking less than 2 minute with the hex key I keep in my pack. Between the magnetic fender and no fender, I'd choose no fender.

    IMHO the only "sexy" onewheels are when they are brand new. I give the people that actually ride and beat the hell out of their boards way more respect.

  • @makermarc I'm interested in one of these fenders too. My FM fender has broken several times and I don't think I can repair it anymore :(

  • @makermarc I too am interested

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