Ride As If You Might Dive At Any Moment

  • I can't stress this enough. If you ride skateboards at high speeds the one thing you learn is that you might hit a small pebble or crack and dive. You get the hang of always having the notion that you might launch at any moment. You learn to counter this by preparing yourself to run or roll out at ALL times.

    This board should be treated the exact same. It has way less of chance in my opinion of launching you, but all the same. Ride as if you might nose dive and have to run or roll it out at any moment. If you are going faster than you can run then be aware of the consequences you might face.

    There will always be the fall that you wont be prepared for so make sure you are wearing full padding.

    If you want to practice 'running out' put a 2x4 or thick hose on the ground and ride a skateboard into it. Make sure there is grass to fall in. Wear pads. This might at least help show you how it feels to be going 10 to 20mph and having your board come to a complete stop.

    This is the most epic invention ever. Just remember to be prepared for how extreme it is. This is not a toy.

  • Ride as if you might DIE at any moment. Sounds more poetic.

  • Great advice, I’ve run-stomped off the nosedives 3 different times at 15 mph. If you’re in the “cruisin” mindset, limbs don’t react as quickly, that’s how our brains work. I still wear full pads every time I ride and expect the worst.

  • Gonna need to make that a 4x4.. OW's go over 2x4's pretty easy.

  • I will say unexplained nose dives were way more common sub 150 miles for me. I have really learned the board more and have had to ride more conservatively. I've had way more close calls where I was able to save it, the longer I've been riding the board. That being there is always a chance of getting launched so always be ready and always wear a brain bucket.

  • Just watched a fb video where a rider is cruising along pretty fast with the cell phone (capturing video) in one hand and the other hand (leading shoulder side) in his pocket. No pads in sight either. Thats friggin dumb. Hell I could break his clavicle for him if that’s what he wants... and it’d be way cheaper than a Onewheel.

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