Try a Onewheel before you buy one

  • Hi guys,
    I wanted to let you know about a cool new option we offer for those of you that feel like they should try the Onewheel before you're ready to drop $1500. At we send out rental boards anyhwere in the USA with free shipping both ways. If you decide you loved it, you can keep the board and we'll sell it to you at a discount. If you want to send back the used board and want a brand new one, we'll send you knew one and discount back some of your rental. Rentals start at $169/3 days and go up to $239/week.
    Whether you're trying it for the first time or you simply don't want to hassle with trying to fly with it, we can deliver it to your house, vacation rental, hotel or you can pick it up at a UPS store.
    If you have any questions feel free to ask! -Scott

  • This is great!

  • Thanks! We like to think so too!

  • @RideOnExperience Some inspiration for the EU market!

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