The mystery for jumping up curbs without bindings has been solved. Are you ready to fly?

  • You guys beat me to it. I have been in the process of designing this exact thing, after losing my footing too many times bouncing over tree roots. Mine was going to strap around the sides though, not requiring a fender. I love the name Flight Fins! Will be on the mailing list for sure.

  • How are the wipeouts? It looks like you could still bail pretty easily if needed. Have you had any issues with your feet getting caught? I realize testing this would be a pain in the ass, as you'd need an unanticipated nose-dive or large obstacle to truly test it...

  • @desperado We are doing fender and convertable version. I'm explain more later. Wipeouts are no more of a problem with Flight Fins... You never get caught. The Fins aren't even half way over your foot. Thats the beauty of it. Also, your feet tend to go to the outside of the baord when you take a dive so its much safer than having them on the outside as a more binding type locking in. Hope that helps!

  • Also, you are only in the fins when you want to jump over something. The rest of the time they are out of the way and you can move your feet anyway you'd like.

  • @michaelw Makes sense, that's what I was thinking. My idea of it was something that only really holds if you kind of grip it by pinching your feet toward each other, so if you need to bail you just jump off no problem. My day job is product design 3D modeling / analysis, would be happy to offer any help you might need in exchange for early access to product. Take my money!!!

  • @michaelw I was inspired by the Lieftech board. It has bindings that you can easily step out of and I thought it should be possible to do something similar or even better with OW.

  • @desperado I may contact you at some point. Thanks for the props and support.

  • Final testing with the Fins over Thanksgiving! Just booked the airline flights... Very excited!!

  • @michaelw
    I'm pretty sure I'm more hyped for these than I was for the board itself.

  • @flyingpapaya Dude! You and me both!! We are producing this product for people like you so thanks for the encouragement... Hope to get them to you soon :-)

  • Couple things I notice in the video it looks like you have to keep your feed near or in the "fin grooves" near the center of the board but people like me like to go with a wider stance, would I be able to change stances at speed using this or would you have to get use to a narrow stance? Also will this will be backward compatible with the v1.

  • @tony420121 You have to ride closer in the jump itself but some riders even find themselves switching to a wider stance for landing. It will all make sense when you use them. There is a very short learning curve for people that already ride a OneWHeel well... For more experienced riders its a matter of about 10 mins riding with them. As far as the V1 goes its possible to ride with Fins but better with the Plus as its good to have a bigger sensor. When they sell Plus pads for the V1 it won't make a difference.... I'm pretty sure that time is coming soon...

  • I can't find a spot on the website to get on the mailing list - hope to get on it though--- it only shows me the video super small

  • @henrythedj There should be a pop up in the middle of the screen when you first go to the site. You type in your email and name. Let me know if you're still having issues.0_1511367199727_Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 8.12.51 AM.png

  • Up and over a full size tree!! No ramp no bonk.

    0_1511457692582_Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 9.20.53 AM.png

  • Another pic of the flight Fins in action!

    0_1511925281223_Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 7.14.00 PM.png

  • @michaelw Hi buddy! Please deal with @RideOnExperience to be sure that we can fly quickly here in France :) "Ride On" is THE French Shop for ow accessory, good guys 100% serious & ow passionate ;)
    Merci Michael ;) !!

  • First review by a Pro rider.

    "I recently visited with Flight Fins creators Michael and Orie in Los Angeles to experience their product and I could not be more impressed! Flight Fins have a durable and road-ready design that make everyday rides a new adventure and take extreme riding like mine to a whole new level. They also make going up curbs and over parking blocks with your OneWheel a breeze - not to mention Flight Fins improve basic turning and reverts because they give you the ability to crank the board and have much more control without needing to do any of the fancy footwork required without them. This has sparked my passion to come up with new tricks that were never before possible - and I’m sure it’ll do the same for you.
    Flight Fins give you the sense of security that being strapped into a snowboard would with the added benefit of allowing you to open up your stance for carving and cruising when they’re not in use. This design also makes falling out a breeze when you need to bail or hop off your board.
    Thanks to Michael and Orie for creating such a revolutionary product and giving me the opportunity to be one of the first to test this game-changing product!" -Bodhi Harrison

  • @MichaelW Hi guys, your product look so sicckckkkkk ! Well done, we wait with patiente :)))

  • @rideonexperience Thanks bud. Announcement on the Facebook group "Flight Fins" Thursday Dec 7th Pacific time at Noon. Thanks for the stoke!!

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