The mystery for jumping up curbs without bindings has been solved. Are you ready to fly?

  • Another pic of the flight Fins in action!

    0_1511925281223_Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 7.14.00 PM.png

  • @michaelw Hi buddy! Please deal with @RideOnExperience to be sure that we can fly quickly here in France :) "Ride On" is THE French Shop for ow accessory, good guys 100% serious & ow passionate ;)
    Merci Michael ;) !!

  • First review by a Pro rider.

    "I recently visited with Flight Fins creators Michael and Orie in Los Angeles to experience their product and I could not be more impressed! Flight Fins have a durable and road-ready design that make everyday rides a new adventure and take extreme riding like mine to a whole new level. They also make going up curbs and over parking blocks with your OneWheel a breeze - not to mention Flight Fins improve basic turning and reverts because they give you the ability to crank the board and have much more control without needing to do any of the fancy footwork required without them. This has sparked my passion to come up with new tricks that were never before possible - and I’m sure it’ll do the same for you.
    Flight Fins give you the sense of security that being strapped into a snowboard would with the added benefit of allowing you to open up your stance for carving and cruising when they’re not in use. This design also makes falling out a breeze when you need to bail or hop off your board.
    Thanks to Michael and Orie for creating such a revolutionary product and giving me the opportunity to be one of the first to test this game-changing product!" -Bodhi Harrison

  • @MichaelW Hi guys, your product look so sicckckkkkk ! Well done, we wait with patiente :)))

  • @rideonexperience Thanks bud. Announcement on the Facebook group "Flight Fins" Thursday Dec 7th Pacific time at Noon. Thanks for the stoke!!

  • Hello, everyone -

    The moment has finally arrived - the campaign for Flight Fins has officially begun! We appreciate your passion and patience and are excited to get these Fins in your hands as soon as possible. Please click the link below to take the next step:

    Ride on!

  • @michaelw and now I know who you were now on the forums ;) good luck!! I'm ready to fly, except I have a bunch of crap already attached to my fender....

  • @michaelw
    Nice work! This will be a sweet journey to watch. Cool product idea....

  • i really like to buy a pair of the FlightFins at indigogo but referring to the FAQ's: Q: Can I buy the Flight Fins through this crowdsourcing campaign if I live outside of the United States?
    A: Yes, IF you provide a shipping address within the United States. So, if you have a buddy who is willing to receive your shipment in the U.S. from us and then independently send it to you outside of the U.S. you're all set. Any addresses outside of the U.S. cannot be shipped directly by us at this time. However, once we go into production and retail we hope to expand and provide global shipments.

    so is here at the forum somebody who would help me and send a pair over to me to Austria? I would fundraise it under your adress.

    or is @RideOnExperience already involved in the FF for the european riders?

    edit: @RideOnExperience helps me out. thanks a lot! will e-mail you guys

  • Hi @at_onewheeler,

    We are in contact with Michael and Orie, the Fligh Fins Brothers, to make it happen in Europe asap.
    We will be communicate to European Riders so STAY TUNED.
    However, i invite you to us on email @ to give name and address. We will keep in touch personally!

    Ride On
    Float On
    & Fly on!

    & Sam

  • We are fully funded! Thanks to everyone who helped to make this dream a reality :-)

    We will all be flying soon!!

  • First Prototype (Convertable) Flight Fin Fender is being tested. This thing is super cool!!

  • @desperado Looking forward to getting these things to you guys to see what you can do. Just think of the videos that will come out after that. Lots of new tricks to be learned :-)

  • The "Safety" video you've all been waiting for. LOL

  • My brother Orie Rush and I would like to personally thank each and every one of you in this community for all the support and stoke over the last month. We funded quickly and we are now in the process of manufacturing these things. The journey has been a real learning experience and I'm looking forward to seeing the creativity come full circle. We have less than 3 days left before the campain ends. Those that contributed to the campain will get Fins first. If all goes as the manufacturing people are telling us, we will have the product ready to ship by the end of the month. Very excitied!

  • @michaelw you deserve that success! I did not order from the campain because it is always difficult for us world wide customers...I'm waitin' for your partnership with Rideonexperience shop ;)
    Wish you all the best !

  • @michaelw -

    Cool - a couple of us who bought in were just asking that today when riding - great to have a projected answer here.

    Thanks for the good communication guys!

  • So,

    Just for my own edification, should I ever decide to do something like this - your original expectation was that production would start the same day as funding was met- then 15 days to fully ready to ship units.

    Obviously, that now slid to, what, 50 days or so? That's still beating the pants of FM in terms of late delivery promises - but since FM will NEVER reveal the reasons, I'm curious if you might inform the curious as to how 35 days of slippage entered into the equation.


  • @ow-miami Good question. Here ya go. NO BS. It was delays on the part of the manufacturing process. After approving the specks they later told us it needed to be hollowed out in the back due to possible sinkage as it is such a dense piece of rubber. So we had to go back to the designer and have him redesign with pockets so that the part when spit from the mold would not sink into itself. This took a week or so. Back and forth... Then the new design was approved and went back it to the computers logarithms or whatever to tell us it needed another redesign. Again we had approval so we were confused. It came back that in one area our design was 1/24,000 of an inch too thick..... You gotta be kidding me?! 1/24,000 needed to be shaved off to have it pop from the mold smoothly... So that was another week to go back to the design guy (these guys are busy) then back to them again. Then the holidays happened for us and our team and everyone involved... LOL... I won't bore you with the other details but its pretty crazy how many hoops you have to jump through. I'm just glad we are making it in USA. Over seas this process could take several months and who knows what kind of quality product you would end up with... Anyway yeah... so we just keep on going... :-)

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