The mystery for jumping up curbs without bindings has been solved. Are you ready to fly?

  • @michaelw For the peeps like me who aren't on FB, please keep us posted! : )

  • Same here...Not on FB but will check back here for updates.

  • The first batch of FlightFins ship on or before Wednesday the 31th. For those that ordered early get ready to Fly! Yippee!! Also, the store on our website ( is offically open! #FlightFins #FloatKings #OneWheelOwners
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  • Any chance to get an install video?

  • Yes. We will have one.

  • Will people be notified when they ship with tracking info? Don't want sheisty package thieves gettin my foot lockers! :-)

  • I'm getting mine in the mail today!

    After watching the install video by FloatLife, I don't like the way it installs tho. I wonder what the maximum weight the 4 fender screws can hold.

    The zip ties seems like an after thought due to the above concern. I wish more permanent solution can be found where a bracket is made to better hold the fender to the board using the frames versus the screws.

    I replaced my Rambo fender with the CranftandRide to fit the flight fins and not sure how I feel about drilling holes in them. Especially for the zip ties... They are just so brand new and pretty at the moment. haha

  • @mrclowny - I am having some of the same reservations. Another solution might be if the Fins had some sort of bracket that attached them to the same screws that hold the fender to the frame (making the Fins independent of the fender entirely), it A. might be less likely to damage the fender, and B. would not even require the use of a fender at all.

    The other thing is, such a bracket could maybe make the Fins somewhat adjustable - once I attach these Fins to the fender, I better never change my shoe style to ones with thicker or thinner soles/insoles, or the fit may be off. I could drill more holes to reattach/adjust them, but at some point you start to worry about making the FM fender more breakable than people say it already is.

    I dunno. I backed these and will probably attach them when I get them, but I'm having a little bit of buyer's remorse now. Those zip ties make it seem like an idea that's ALMOST ready for prime-time, but not quite.

  • @Glyph Hmm so I'm not the only one. I think I'll wait until there are more feedback after real usage in the wild.

    I'm sure I'm wrong but I keep thinking one of the screw will break and I'm sure it will happen at the most appropriate time like when I'm jumping over a bus or something. LOL

    Plus, Onewheel is just fine the way it is for my riding....

  • Yeah,

    I think a lot of us are feeling a bait and switch here.

    No one told me I needed to zip-tie this crap to my Onewheel. Glad I have two boards or I'd NEVER consider this, and I'm still pretty on the fence here.

  • Didn't mean to start any negative discussion about this without having any personal experience with it. So let's just all agree to hold off on any negative comments until we get real feedback from others. Then we'll know for sure. =)

  • @mrclowny - Why not? This is rigged at best, I don't think any of us expected the zip tie situation.

  • @mrclowny Agreed, I don't mean to be negative - the overall idea remains super-cool, which is why so many of us got excited about it. I just wonder if there's maybe a more elegant solution? Like maybe Flight Fins just needs to produce their own rock-solid fender, with the Fin system integrated to it, and you buy the whole thing. Or, like I said, maybe some kind of bracket that the Fin attaches directly to rather than to the fender (but the bracket could attach underneath the fender to the same frame screws.). The bracket would have to be strong though, aluminum or steel or something.

    I got mine in the mail today, not sure when I will get a chance to attach.

  • Really, they need to make a fender that bolts AROUND the frame, and is crazy sturdy.

  • ordering these the moment my XR ships! Hope it is an easy install.

  • @jamesgunter68 @grievor
    Jeff Mccosker made a tutorial on how to install FF ;)

  • @michaelw said in The mystery for jumping up curbs without bindings has been solved. Are you ready to fly?:

    It came back that in one area our design was 1/24,000 of an inch too thick..... You gotta be kidding me?! 1/24,000 needed to be shaved off to have it pop from the mold smoothly... So that was another week to go back to the design guy (these guys are busy) then back to them again.

    This is the typical process with a new product. I'm guessing they said 24 thousandths of an inch meaning .024" which would make more sense than .000042". Normal calipers are good for 3 decimal place reads and micrometers are good for 4, after that you need some seriously finely tuned digital equipment to get readings in the 5th and 6th decimal place.

    I always convert that to sheets of paper for people not experienced with manufaucturing tolerancing; so that would be ~8 sheets of standard paper thickness. US manufacturing world would say "24 thousands" or "24 mils", which both mean .024".

    I'm glad you were able to get the best part possible from the start rather than finding this issue after you made some number of them. That delay will end up being worth it in the long run. Congrats to you and your brother!

  • Have them installed now.

    Spooky. I love it.

    Install could have been better, but it could have been worse, and I still hate the zip-ties...

    Still.. Damn cool add-on.

  • I'm confused, I'm trying to position them on the fender and no position is possible without the edge severely digging into my legs unless I were to leave 1/3 of my foot hanging off the back of the board. And completely agree on the bait and switch with zero disclosure of the zip tie rig in order to prevent serious injury or death. Here's a picture I'm standing straight and it jabs me, if I were to even slightly bend my knees the edge would injure my leg!

  • @lightning you've got a lot more room to mount it more forward, towards the front of your foot. The edge of the fins can hang over the bend of the fender, it's just the bolts have to be mounted on the flat part. You can also play with the angle of the fins, angling up the angle side. They don't have to be perpendicular with the board.

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