The mystery for jumping up curbs without bindings has been solved. Are you ready to fly?

  • @lightning You need to mount them slightly sideways. Tilt them off the top of your foot till they feel comfortable. Also, move them more off the fender towards the fender line. I would go over that fender line maybe a quarter inch. Hope that helps

  • @glyph As I'm sure you probably know by now we have designed a Flight fender. This process takes time and we will need time for testing and refining. These other suggestions we looked at and found that they were either too expensive or not not doable for one reason or another.

  • I will give that a try. I must admit I spent close to 8 hours and three attempts Drilling and remounting them. I don't know if my Fender is going to allow for any more Drilling. If you think you're going to get away with a quick one or two hour install think again. If you install these properly in less than 3 hours go get yourself a lottery ticket.

  • @lightning I feel for you. Sounds like youre having a frustrating experience. It should be ok to move them again. We have test drilled several holes in a fender and had no issues as long as they are not super close. If they are getting more comfortable each time that is a good thing. Everyone is different. We find that it takes people typically about 15-25 mins to install. Hang in! You're gonna love them!!

  • @michaelw Here's my flight fins install:
    Now I need to find a workaround so that I can still use the Mafia bag with them attached.. Any ideas? This is why I haven't used Loctite or zip ties yet.

    I know they might look like they're mounted pretty high from that angle but I wear Nike SB Dunk high tops and that's where they were comfortable to mount.. and it's basically 3/4 of an inch up from the footpad.

  • @joseph NICE!! Perfect mount for high shoes... A bit over that fender line is good as long as it feels comfortable for you. You'll be in the air soon :-) Mafia bag? hmmmmm. Seamstress?

  • 0_1519018202387_Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 9.29.49 PM.png

  • @michaelw I can't wait for the snow here to melt so I can give these a real try. We're gonna hit 50 degrees F on Wednesday so I'm hoping to go for a ride above ground. I've been just cruising my building's small parking garage occasionally since winter started.

    Actually, a seamstress is a really good suggestion and I know one that might be up for the task. I'll let you guys know if I end up getting the bag customized to accommodate the fins.

  • Got them installed to feel good finally. One hole is completely overlapped another but only one so hopefully it wont be an issue. I hate the zip ties but do like the feeling of having the fins on for a more snowboard like feel. Definitely look forward to a complete solution as one piece fender with adjustable fins and reinforced mounting built in so there are no zip ties needed (maybe something that bolts around the rail in addition to utilizing the mounting screws)

  • About 13 re-installations later and a fender that looks like swiss cheese I can confirm it was all worth it. I'm jumping 12" curbs on my first try and I had never built up the courage to try anything higher than about 6 previously. Happy customer here.

  • @lightning Bravo!!

  • Flight Fender sneak peek!

    0_1519839382666_Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 9.34.09 AM.png

  • @michaelw it's awesome, but zip ties though

  • @vitaly We just want to protect your board rails. Two screws on each foot and zip ties assure that you will not have any issues with stripping. Even before Flight Fins there has always been issues with the soft aluminum. We hope that at some point FM will come up with a solution but till then... Dreaded Zip Ties!!! LOL

  • Gaffa tape the fins to the board. Test. Drill once

  • Thank YOU ALL for the support!

  • Wanted to clarify that we are sold out of FlightFins but currently taking orders for the next shipment. Order at FlightFender preorder coming in the next few weeks!


  • @fatjesus540 Someone else is already planning on doing that with our fender. Its certainly possible.

  • Save the date!

    Preorder Tuesday 27th at 1:00pm Pacific

    Many of us in the Onewheel community love the look of the board without a fender, but still wanted protection from water and rocks. We did not see options for achieving this on the market, so we created the FlightFender. It offers a substantial amount of protection – nearly 70% of a full fender – while giving the board the minimalist ascetic and aerodynamic quality for which riders have been searching. The FlightFender is also incredibly durable - made of the highest quality plastic available.

    Orders will be fulfilled in the order they were received.


    • Zip Ties Optional – the FlightFender utilizes the eight screw holes on the board and does not need ties. For extreme riders or those wanting double protection, tie notches have been added to the fender.

    • No Drilling – the FlightFender is fully vertically adjustable for your custom FlightFin placement.

    • Fits All Onewheels – the FlightFender fits all Onewheels including the XR.

    • Wider Stance – the FlightFender gives riders a wider stance than a traditional full fender with fins. This equals more stability for jumps and carvability.

    • Virtually Roll-Proof – the FlightFender has been especially designed to avoid the ground during a roll giving the fender longer life.


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