The mystery for jumping up curbs without bindings has been solved. Are you ready to fly?

  • @michaelw you deserve that success! I did not order from the campain because it is always difficult for us world wide customers...I'm waitin' for your partnership with Rideonexperience shop ;)
    Wish you all the best !

  • @michaelw -

    Cool - a couple of us who bought in were just asking that today when riding - great to have a projected answer here.

    Thanks for the good communication guys!

  • So,

    Just for my own edification, should I ever decide to do something like this - your original expectation was that production would start the same day as funding was met- then 15 days to fully ready to ship units.

    Obviously, that now slid to, what, 50 days or so? That's still beating the pants of FM in terms of late delivery promises - but since FM will NEVER reveal the reasons, I'm curious if you might inform the curious as to how 35 days of slippage entered into the equation.


  • @ow-miami Good question. Here ya go. NO BS. It was delays on the part of the manufacturing process. After approving the specks they later told us it needed to be hollowed out in the back due to possible sinkage as it is such a dense piece of rubber. So we had to go back to the designer and have him redesign with pockets so that the part when spit from the mold would not sink into itself. This took a week or so. Back and forth... Then the new design was approved and went back it to the computers logarithms or whatever to tell us it needed another redesign. Again we had approval so we were confused. It came back that in one area our design was 1/24,000 of an inch too thick..... You gotta be kidding me?! 1/24,000 needed to be shaved off to have it pop from the mold smoothly... So that was another week to go back to the design guy (these guys are busy) then back to them again. Then the holidays happened for us and our team and everyone involved... LOL... I won't bore you with the other details but its pretty crazy how many hoops you have to jump through. I'm just glad we are making it in USA. Over seas this process could take several months and who knows what kind of quality product you would end up with... Anyway yeah... so we just keep on going... :-)

  • @michaelw -

    I work in manufacturing, so I totally buy what you're saying, sounds very similar to what I'd imagined happened in fact.

    GO USA manufacturing! I'll pay the price baby, I want the quality, and fast is good too. Can't wait to fly.

  • And.... We did say January! So they are not late yet. We gave ourself that cushion in case we had any challenges. Glad you're excited! We are too.

  • @michaelw - For whatever reason, that was the date I DID have in mind.. But when I read your kickstarter page (not like I read it before buying... wtf, why bother, I saw the video), I read this "And the best part? As soon as we meet our goal for this campaign, Flight Fins will go into production the very next day with the turnaround from the factory being only fifteen days! Thank you so much for your support."


    You're late as hell, at least according to that.... And I couldn't care less. ;-) ..

    Happy as can be that you created these, can't WAIT to try 'em. Stoke is high. Patience is too now. Very reassured and confident in your delivery. Just be sure there get here before Feb 14th, I suspect I'll want to spend part of Valentines day with these things. LOL...

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi @glisse84,

    Flight Fins are not yet available in Europe.
    We are in touch to hopefully propose it to European riders asap. We gonna receive some units s as we participate to their crowdfunding. Can't wait to try it.
    Keep in touch ou our website onewheelfrance .fr

    Sad to hear that you get trouble with your OW+, shit can happen. Hope you don't have been charge by customs for your board. Board should be back soon and you will enjoy the fun you'll get with.

    Ride on!

    & Sam

  • @michaelw
    It looks great but I didn't find any way to order a pair of these.
    How can I do...I live in South of France in Toulon?

  • @rideonexperience
    I have ordered it from Hotmer Webstore and in fact they are just like a letterbox and can't do any ASS (SAV in french)
    Thank you

  • @MichaelW Missed the indiegogo campaign. When will they be available for pre-order?

  • Not sure yet... Follow Flight FIns on Face book and we will make announcements.

  • @michaelw For the peeps like me who aren't on FB, please keep us posted! : )

  • Same here...Not on FB but will check back here for updates.

  • The first batch of FlightFins ship on or before Wednesday the 31th. For those that ordered early get ready to Fly! Yippee!! Also, the store on our website ( is offically open! #FlightFins #FloatKings #OneWheelOwners
    0_1516999572017_Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 12.44.21 PM.png

  • Any chance to get an install video?

  • Yes. We will have one.

  • Will people be notified when they ship with tracking info? Don't want sheisty package thieves gettin my foot lockers! :-)

  • I'm getting mine in the mail today!

    After watching the install video by FloatLife, I don't like the way it installs tho. I wonder what the maximum weight the 4 fender screws can hold.

    The zip ties seems like an after thought due to the above concern. I wish more permanent solution can be found where a bracket is made to better hold the fender to the board using the frames versus the screws.

    I replaced my Rambo fender with the CranftandRide to fit the flight fins and not sure how I feel about drilling holes in them. Especially for the zip ties... They are just so brand new and pretty at the moment. haha

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