Suddenly very loose riding...?

  • Hello,

    I am pretty new to Onewheeling but have a lot of experience in different boardsports.
    A couple of weeks ago I got finally my new toy (the +) and liked it from the beginning a lot.
    But then, suddenly, three days ago, after appr. 80 miles I realized that the riding changed from one minute to another very dramatic.
    Before this changing I was enjoying big long snowboardesque like carves where I had to put some pressure on my backfoot to make the thing turn. I really enjoyed this riding a lot and it seemed very safe.
    But now, after the changing, the onewheel behaves really very wobbly/nervous/sensible/too reactive to weight changes. It is as if you unscrew the trucks of a normal skateboard very loose. And this makes me afraid of riding faster. I am no more as comfortable and relaxed as before. Also my girlfriend and a friend realized the changing of the thing.
    I did not Change anything. I tried also all the different riding shapes and various tire pressures. No changing in the behaviour...
    I have no idea what I can do to get my old riding style back?
    The only Thing I can imagine is the fact that I have reinstalled the app once or twice, because the Long time odometer showed me 12487 miles of riding done. After the reinstallation the miles ridden were correct. But not sure if it was during this time window with the changing riding style.
    I also had once a strange acceleration when slowing down.
    Every help is very appreciated.
    Thanks already now for every input.

  • Did you update to the latest firmware before reinstalling app?

    Also, can you post a video of what it's doing?

  • Hi,
    from what update are you talking? Where can I update my onewheel?
    Sorry, no possibilty to upload a Video, but just imagine a skateboard with very, very, very losse trucks.
    Before I could do very Long carving turns and now the thing reacts on the smallest pressure of feet.

  • Are you riding in Mission or Delirium?
    Is your tire pressure above 20 PSI?

  • I agree with Sonny,I'm Thinking tire pressure to low.

  • Thanks for the replies. But as I wrote, I tested in every shaping mode and various tire pressures from 15 - 30 psi.
    The Problem should come from something else...

  • @owpete

    Check your bolts. The side main bolts (and the hidden ones under those) may be loose - I do recall my board being a little loose when my bolts had worked themselves out...

  • FWIW, there is NO software change that can cause this - the 'looseness' of different modes is very much just the curve of the reaction to inputs.

  • Delirium should be tighter than Mission.

    It could be you advanced in your riding skills,
    or something wrong with the board.
    Unlikely as it's the first time we hear of such issue.

    If it's the board, contact support.
    Most likely they'll ask you for video of what it's doing.

  • I mentioned something similar happening with my board as in its more like a board with looser trucks and to be honest...I love I have been riding super aggresive in Chicago around all types of obstacles and it feels like I am on a shorter snowboard or a mcfly hoverboard (also I bend my knees and really try to get the "Kyle Slater" body angle in)

  • Thank you owmiami. I will check the bolts and tighten if necessary. I just come back from a ride and tried different riding modes and presssures. The wobbly did not change a lot between these. I also want to ride aggressive and did this really quickly after I learnt the basics, but now it is way too nervous, especially on hihger speeds, to ride aggressive around obstacles.
    Btw: who is Kyle Slater? Did you mean Kelly Slater?

  • Hi everybody,
    I just come back from checking the 4 sidebolts. They are as tight as you can tighten them. Impossible for me to loosen them. And what do you mean with the hidden bolts, I do not know which one you are refering to?

  • @owpete This is an interesting issue...

    Honestly, my first thought was "it's in his head". I remember when I first started riding - I felt super confident after a few weeks and could carve pretty hard.

    Then I changed my tire to the Hoosier treaded tire, and have been riding that for 6 months - charging way harder than I ever did on the stock tire.

    Every once in awhile I'll swap boards with a buddy with the vega stock tire, and holy crap - it's almost impossible for me to ride it now. It's not that I don't like riding it - I literally have a hard time keeping it stable at speed. So, I used to ride it confidently, and now I can't - it's all in my head (and body, I guess).

    But, if it's for sure something external, the only other thing I can think of is maybe the tire has broken in more and it's more rounded now - that will make it feel less stable. Or, maybe the temperature outside has changed the way the tire handles - or reduced the pressure by a few PSI due to colder temps.

    Try measuring your pressure immediately after you've been riding it for a bit (like, less than 1 minute after you hop off). See if the pressure is what you expected it to be.

    One last thing - are you SURE the riding modes are changing when you switch them on your app? Like, do you feel a difference when switching them? I've had situations where the board doesn't actually switch, even if the app says it did. I just had to restart the board and the problem fixed itself. But, just in case...

    Good luck!

  • Is the looseness in the side-to-side direction or in the forward-backward direction? Forward-backward could be a software issue, but side-to-side (steering) is not controlled by software at all. I would set the board on blocks (or with one side up on a curb or stair) so the wheel is not touching anything, and see if the wheel is loose by trying to twist it in different directions with your hands (fender off). You might have to stand on the board to keep it secure while doing this, as the wheel might require some force to shift side-to-side. If any part of it is mechanically loose, you'll find out this way.

  • The looseness is indeed sid to side. I can now do much much tighter circles as before. Not bad at all and funny at low speed. Only problem is at higher speed that it gets really nervous and you must ride really concentrated and put very light and precise pressurre on the board to carve around. Before the changing the board was way more forgiving and beginner-friendly.

  • @owpete OK, that is a problem - it's not supposed to do that. Even if you like how it feels now - it could get worse (or even break the axle completely). I wouldn't ride it anymore. Send it in for repair. Sorry bro!

  • So have you checked you pressure. As the tire wears the riding characteristics do change.

  • Yes, as I wrote above, I swiched from different pressures and compared the ridings.
    Is it possible to switch the board to a former/older firmware?

  • So, seems like nobody can really help me or has experienced the same issues as have.

  • I know! Someone installed a 5.5" Hoosier tire on your Onewheel when you weren't looking.
    Just kidding.
    Apologies to Hoosier lovers everywhere, and the original poster for this non-helpful suggestion.

    PS @desperado had a great recommendation.

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