Cost of ownership

  • Hi Guys,

    I am new to the group, and have been looking to get my OneWheel this offseason. However, I am curious what current owners feel the cost of ownership is. Is there a lot of maintenance that goes into these? Any idea on the lifespan? Do you have frequent issues?

    Really, any information that would help me make an informed decision would be appreciated.

  • Near zero.

    Tire needs replaced every 1000 miles or so. Grip tape should be swapped every 2-3 hundred miles.

    Lifespan is >20,000 miles (@10% battery degradation from cycling)...

    The only issues I've had which required repair were 100% due to me beating the holy snot out of my board.

  • I bought my V1 well used almost 2 years ago,
    and shredded the living hell out of it.
    I still get the same range and never a single issue,
    except when I wore the tire due to riding at low PSI without me knowing it.
    FM took care of shipping the board for firmware update and overall tuneup.
    The +, we can now update firmware through the app.

  • I've only had my board 4 weeks, I expect the COO to be real good. Keep it clean, keep the tire pressure where it should be, keep the batteries charged. I'll be checking bolts and screws this weekend to make sure nothing is loose after 200 miles. I'm really hoping to get 1000+ miles without any issues, which would be $1.50 per mile. Right now my COO is $7.5 per mile.

  • Cost of ownership is essentially just the initial cost. However I am sure you will want to customize / tinker with it as many of us do. These are strictly optional costs though.

    Since I have had my OneWheel + I have put 1250 miles on it and my only cost has been buying a new tire ($65) and having it installed ($20). It takes an incredible amount of abuse and still keeps running like new! I have launched down a flight of stairs, ridden it through countless rain storms, ridden it on the beach through salt water, and sent it somersaulting across the concrete countless times. And no issues!

    In contrast, I have an Evolve Carbon GT that requires constant maintenance and tinkering just to keep it running. The Evolve seems to be in the shop as much as I ride it. Where as the Onewheel is so easy and it just works.

    To further expand on the cost of ownership of the Onewheel you can just focus on the expenses, you need to also look at the cost savings. Savings for me include, no longer pay for a parking spot at work $120 a month, don't pay for gas to drive to work everyday, I get to work in half to the time, I now drive my car maybe once a month versus everyday. I was putting about 15k miles on my car a year and this year I have put less than 5k.

  • If you fall in love with it, you may find yourself spending a few hundred dollars on accessories like external batteries, alternative chargers, different tires, etc.

    You'll also need some safety gear - helmet, pads, etc.

    But it's sooooo worth it. You won't regret it.

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