Hoosier riders.

  • Hi

    Just change my orginal OW + tire to Hoosier 11.0x5.5-6 and add there spikes.
    Hope this working little better in light snow and ice....
    I liked to hear what kind tire pressure other riders use in this tire...
    I put first 15PSI and test it only 100 meters, but must ride lot of more to see wich pressure is best for me.
    When the streets are ice and snow there is lot of small bumps and because that I think pressure must me low, but let's see.
    This new tire feel's hole difrent than orginal but I have feeling that I will not evere going back orginal tire.

  • @kristian What kind of spikes did you use? Can you share a picture?

  • @kristian I ride the hoosier 5.5" as well, but I live in San Francisco, so I haven't tried riding in snow yet.

    I think you are breaking new ground here - you'll have to experiment.

    But, report back once you've done some tests. Also, it'd be helpful to know your weight.

    Good luck, be safe!

  • Hi
    Here is some pictures this hoosier with "snow" tires.
    All ho planing to do same!!
    I buy hoosier 11.0x5.5-6 and add there 2.2mm spikes as you can see pictures.
    First ride 15psi felt fine, but after that I try higher pressure because I read that somebody ride over 30psi this same tire.
    30psi makes tire so much bigger that spikes start grind ow+ frame !!!
    20psi is max tire pressure what you can use with 2.2mm spikes.
    But after all 20psi feels perefct fo me.

  • 2_1510738051270_kuva 3.jpg 1_1510738051270_kuva 2.jpg 0_1510738051270_kuva 1.jpg

  • @kristian Looks awesome! Thanks for the pics! Where do you get the spikes? Can you provide a link?

  • That Hoosier tire looks great! That's what I'll be using once the Vega wears out. Thanks for the photos, love the gnome.

  • Hi

    You can buy studs example www.gripstuds.com, I assembly product #1000 around 47pcs
    Remeber that if you palning to put spikes under your hoosier, tire size must be 5,5 not 6,5 wich is best size with out spikes!

  • @kristian Have you tried this wheel with spikes on concrete? Is it really loud or hard to control? I have some great off-road places to try this, but have to ride on concrete to get there.

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