Changed my back foot, now Onewheel+ is WAY better!!

  • Fellow posters have always advised putting your front foot as close to the fender as possible, which means less weight up front, so the motor can counter-act a forward dive more easily.

    However, I realized my back foot was also close to the fender, WHERE THERE IS NO GRIP TAPE. So, I moved my back foot rearwards, where the grip tape starts. WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!

    I've noticed with my rear foot back, when I lean forward to accelerate, there's a hard stop under my front foot. It's like someone has put a brick under the front end. When my back foot is close to the fender, the forward-leaning sensation is more spongy. Especially on hills, I'll get 2 or 3 surges in Delerium mode with my back foot close to the fender, but when my back foot is on the grip tape (in the back) the board accelerates just as quickly, with no surges, and the front is rock solid.

    I've realized my Onewheel has been trying to tell me where to put my back foot all this time, I've just ignored it. Moving my 175 lbs. further back makes the Onewheel not have to work as hard to keep the front end up, and it feels much safer to me. I'm also reaching higher speeds with less anxiety, for the Onewheel has an easier time pushing back with less weight on the nose.

    Hope that helps.

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