Battery temperature when riding in the cold

  • I've been doing my usual ride despite 40 degree temperatures outside, and I've noticed my range drop from 4 miles to about 3. However, the app reports 95 degrees for the battery temperature at the end of the ride. Has anyone else checked battery temp when riding in the cold? I would think 95 degrees would be warm enough to not be affecting my range so much...

  • @desperado I don't monitor battery temp (I live in So Cal, pretty nice weather) but it's known that colder temps reduce riding range, just how it is.

  • Yeah, I think the current battery technology is temp sensitive. My phone doesn't last as long when it's cold. I wonder how Tesla cars do when it's cold? - I'll ask my neighbor.

  • Ya, I'm really just wondering about the delta. I'm reading 55 degrees above ambient air temperature, which seems crazy high. When it's 70 degrees, is your battery really a toasty 125?

  • I too notice a decreased range in the cold. I looked while riding in the cold yesterday a d battery was ~85 while ambient was about 50.

  • @njacobs Tesla's have reduced range - not because the battery is cold (but because there is a 6KW battery heater inside) and operating the battery heater and in-car passenger heater takes up power that could otherwise be used for mileage. In general, it seems like the car is 30% less efficient during the winter than during the other three seasons in Toronto. The OW's do not have dedicated battery heaters as far as I know so those electrons are trapped in the casing due to the lower temperatures like most battery-operated devices.

  • Tape 3 pcs never cold foot warmer patch under the battery chase.
    This keeps OW battery warmer and you can ride longer.
    Old trick what we use also behind mobile phone when you are snowboarding in cold weather.
    Phone battery will hold hole day even it's -20'C outside (┬┤minimum use )
    One patch hold around 5 hours, but you must stick 3 patch under your OW battery chase.

  • I wanted to do a test today and see the difference between air temp, motor temp, and battery temp (at the end of the ride): Ride 1: air temp 72, battery 95, motor 94. Ride 2: air temp 75, battery 104, motor 102. I'll continue to watch this at the end of each ride but for now it looks like the battery and motor temps seem to be similar and both are between 20 to 30 degrees higher than the ambient air temp. I live in Phoenix so I'm not sure how this will work for me in the summer. If I'm out riding when it's 110 that would put the battery and motor possibly as high as 140 (I assume that's not good) This might mean I don't get to ride much in the summer :(

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