New OW version ?

  • Hi
    Looks that my doughter 8y capure my OW+
    I must face fact that we need other OW our family....

    Because it's winter now here in Finland, there is not so big hurry to order new board.

    What you think, is there any possibility that FM puplish new OW verison in comming 6-7 month.

    I know that nowbody can know that but even vild guess?

  • @kristian
    I don't think there will be a new OW in 6 months. But wait until after winter and then check again, just in case. Take a look at their careers page:
    They have been looking for firmware and test engineers for a few months now. The test engineer is needed to improve manufacturing of the existing OW. The firmware developer is to help improve the performance of the existing OW with better motor / battery management and better bluetooth/app functionality (something many people have complained about). I also notice they are having a hard time keeping up with tech support and have a high percentage of problems and service requests with the existing board. Based on the above, I would guess they are not thinking about releasing any new hardware anytime soon. Instead, they are focusing on increasing reliability and features of the existing product and scaling the company up to meet the demand for the existing product. I think the next big upgrade will be a higher capacity battery, but that might have to wait for an improvement in battery technology.

  • @kristian some think the next product won't be a Onewheel at all, but something else entirely.

  • @desperado
    I think you are absolytely right on this.
    There is always comming new models but what you can miss when you are waiting that with out board or board wich your doughter hijack from you...
    I must write letter for santa....

  • @kristian Are you riding outside in the winter??

  • @desperado
    Yes. it works well with hoosier 5,5 + 2,2mm studs.
    Check other post > hoosier riders.

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