Things YOU think could have been done BETTER!

  • Let me know if you have any ideas for which you think you could improve the One Wheel and/or the One Wheel +... All responses are appreciated and welcome.

  • @snarold
    The hardware is state-of-the-art. The app is sorely lacking. Many features that would make the OW experience better:

    1. Automatic ride recording.
    2. Post-ride analysis: how many wipeouts, max acceleration, how aggressive your ride was, based on how bumpy it was, how hard you turned or leaned, how much motor power was being used on average, how many times you pushed the motor to > 95%, etc.., and ability to track over time how you are improving.
    3. Audio feedback (best with headphones): beeps or other sound as you approach maximum motor capacity.
    4. Race yourself: audio feedback combined with a previous gps recording of the same route. "You're 20 feet behind", "You're in the lead!", etc.

  • Isn't this topic already covered in Product Wishlist?

  • Tail brake

    Similar to how roller-blades have the rubber brake behind the heel - the OneWheel needs a rubber pad on the tail.

    When braking hard today (emergency stop), the tail will eventually skid on the ground. The hard plastic on the tail today means the board is more likely to slip out from under you. If there was a brake pad on the back, stopping hard would be much easier!

  • Retractable battery would open so many doors.
    Could buy a couple extra battery's even if it's expense and extended your ride!
    Please Future Motion make that happen on the next one,that would be so great.0_1511009415258_20161123_115720.jpg

  • Hell with that... make a retro fit quick swap battery for the plus! Boards are so modular shouldn't be a problem.

  • @desperado


  • @njacobs It probably is but I needed ideas for a school project, and it was easier to get notifications from this than from some one elses forum post.

  • I had an idea for some UHMW Bumpers that you can place on the front and rear of the device. So that at speed when it cuts out you are not thrown off... and trust me I have evidence from past experience to show that this is a pretty bad problem.

  • First-time poster with 256 miles on the OW+ here. Not an expert, not a novice. Currently nursing a broken arm due to nosediving due to (I think, it happened FAST) over-acceleration from stop. Still love my board (this is only the second bad wipeout I've had, and the other was hitting an unepected bump at speed), can't wait to get back on, but my post will be geared around that.

    1. Reading the forums, this seems a common issue. Wonder if the app software could let me customize for my weight (180#), to limit board's from-stop acceleration to under that literal tipping point past which where the board can no longer easily keep the nose upright.

    Before everyone jumps all over me, no, I don't want everyone's boards performance-limited; just some available performance customization for those of us who are heavier/older/lowered-risk-desiring.

    1. I've seen a few designs and may make my own if I can't buy one soon, but small wheels on the front bumper that might prevent immediate stoppage on nosedive (and thereby give a chance to recover, or at least slow down the board's IMMEDIATE transition from "moving" to "stopped" and attendant kinetic energy transferred into flinging the rider down to concrete like a mousetrap snapped shut) seems like a no-brainer to me (though it could bring other problems, like continued out of control acceleration).

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