Riding with the Apple Watch

  • Now with the new OneWheel update to the Apple Watch, it's a great addition to riding. I tried it for the first time yesterday and went for a 5 mile trip. I keep the Wake Screen watch setting (that you change in the General Setting in watch app on your iPhone) to "Resume Last Activity" and allow the watch to wake up every time you lift your wrist to view the screen. In that way, you can simply lift your wrist and view the speed and battery setting instantly and that adds to OneWheel experience. It makes a person more aware of speed and what's too fast so you don't blow past the small pushback on extreme mode, and allows such easy reference to battery life for gauging distance left.

    I didn't think I'd really care to use the watch for this, but I love it and changed the experience to make it that much better than it already is.

    Very cool stuff. I hope OneWheel gets an app going for android and all the android watches out there too. It's an addition that can't be missed with the OneWheel.

  • Agreed. The Apple Watch app works very well. Clean design and easy to see the necessary info.

  • Do you need an iPhone to use the watch with OW?

  • Good question. Tomorrow I'll keep my phone off, go under the Bluetooth options on the watch and see if the OneWheel pairs with the Apple Watch. That'll tell the tale.

  • @njcustom I believe you do. You need to have the iPhone need the watch to use most apps. Sort of annoying in general, but it's nice riding a OW without having to fumble for my phone.

  • What watchband have you found that works around wrist guards? Milanese loop? Im trying to work that part out so its useful and visible since im riding where its super cold.

  • @darthj0n
    I have been using the sport band that came with my series 2 Apple Watch. It works well fully expanded with my K2 wrist gaurds. From what I have learned thus far you will need your iPhone paired and on person to us the app. I love it as you can scrub between % battery and speed.

  • For the Cold rides I use my snowboarding mittens and roll the Apple Watch side mitten down to expose the face so I can see the read out once lifted toward my view (watch face turns on when rotated toward the top for viewing of the watch face).

  • @T-CAT @LidPhones @darthj0n @forzabucks Question for you Apple Watch Onewheelers. Old thread, but this question will fit in here.

    I got talking to some other folks about switching between Extreme and Incline modes when riding up and down big hills.

    Can you give a brief review of what it's like to switch ride modes on the Apple Watch? Is it usable, reliable, can you leave the mode switcher screen up, etc?

  • With the OnewheelBuddy app open on my Iwatch, I can easily switch between modes just by rolling my wrist to light up the screen, and pressing the appropriate icon. Much easier than pulling my phone out of my pocket. It's so convenient, my roommate who is a lifelong android user, is considering switching to iPhone just to get the Iwatch out of jealousy. That, and the convenience of being able to start my car from anywhere with it 😂

  • I ride with my Apple Watch, but my wrist guards usually cover the watch and just as a scratching precaution i generally wear it that way. I was going without any protective gear for a long time. and even no shoes often.

    But, Now, I have had a few incidents back to back so i am wearing a few things to make sure i don't seriously hurt myself any more :)

    Now i got the MIPS to

  • 0_1488604821316_glove.jpg

    I cut a hole in the wrist guard for the Apple watch display.

  • You can't switch from extreme to elevated without being off board. With the buddy app it's nice to get tapped at 50% battery or when wheelslip occurs. It's nice to get tapped if you break your speed records as well.

  • @darthj0n you can switch during ride on v1. You just need to be below a certain speed (don't remember how much).

  • @FutureBoy it appears you have your watch upside down

  • @Solaranlage orly? Learned something new.

  • @darthj0n Yep, he's right. Crown button should be on the top-right so you can easily spin it with your right hand.

  • @thegreck It's an option setting to have a crown on the left. I like it because then speaker and microphone closer to my mouth / ear when I lift the watch on a call cruising on my onewheel. 😜

  • Any thoughts on series 1 vs series 2 if I am only really getting one for the OW at this point?
    Does the GPS in series 2 do us any good with OWB?
    Is the added 1mm thinkness of the series 2 noticable?

  • @wr420 I have a feeling that OW buddy got the smack down from Future Motion just like the knock off onewheel got the smack down at CES this year. Just a thought as to why it's not on the App Store right now.

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