What's your cruising speed? 14mph? 20mph?

  • @jrfent, I’m 10yrs younger and 30lbs lighter but feel exactly as you do with regard to riding style, I really feel the OW+ is more fun at lower speeds and much more survivable if ya bail! Haven’t ripped through a forest yet, that sounds awesome!

  • I'm 44. I'm comfortable at 13/14 cruising straight. More fun carving at 10/12. All depends on what you want. I don't want to crash. I ride like I could crash at any time. As I get more miles this might change as I'm very new.

  • 23 top speed, avg 15 but always want to go faster. I snowboard all the time so the speed is pretty slow relative to being on snow. I've had some bad wrecks and and still feel some hip soreness from a wreck 2 months ago... that is why I always keep it pretty mild. Plus I'm 225 6'3" so push back doesn't exist for me at speed.

  • What’s nice about 13-15 is the board still has some reserve power to keep you stabilized and react to bumps. The taller you are only amplifies your weight distribution (think how a long wrench applies more torque than a shorter wrench) so any slight bump at speed could push your board past the threshold and result in a nose dive. The more reserve power you can keep in the motor to help self correct the better.

  • @tartopom Same on V1. I might hold 13mph if in bike lane and is well paved but 10-12mph in city for me as well

  • I cruise at 14-15.4. At 15.4 the pushback on Delirium mode (which I find safest for climbing) is pretty strong and it scares me to push harder. I'm 6' 1" and 180. I have eaten &^%$ climbing in Mission mode a couple of times, even gentle inclines, especially when road is wet (because it's stickier/more resistance/more power needed).

  • 1-8mph for sidewalks (people and cars to lookout)
    11-15mph on bike paths (lil bit faster but hidden dips and holes to consider)
    16-100 on paved rich neighborhoods (thats where i find flawless surface to blast through, besides the golf course)

  • I prefer slow and steady - probably 14 MPH max but often when I am going on a straight piece of road and pavement is smooth, my speed tends to creep up without me realizing it. I passed a radar speed sign a couple days ago and it said I was doing around 18 MPH! Not good if I kiss the pavement. On the dirt trails where there are tree roots, rocks and varying terrain, I probably go 10 MPH or less.

  • 32 years old, 130lbs, strong skateboard/snowboard background. I ride 9 miles a day on the OW+ in Delirium, and do 15.5mph max speed every day (outlier speeds 14-16mph). I'm riding in the street with the cyclists, going faster than anyone that's not a cycling enthusiast (full GORE Windstopper gear, you know what I'm talking about) Anything faster for me would be dangerous. No reason to push past 15mph.

  • on my rides i usually cruise around 13-15 mph, occasionally getting up around 17mph when on a comfortable stretch of road. theres one place that is slightly downhill that im confident riding on that i reach 19mph but its not often. Im 5'6", 140-145 lbs

  • I cruise around 15, mostly because I don't think the board is safe much above that (for sustained periods). I really wish the motor could handle a safe 20 cruise speed. Maybe next year now that the new battery tech can support higher wattage.

  • around 15 mph .

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