Odd loss-of-power

  • Riding along, just getting onto the ramp into a parking lot, my OW+ stopped going. I of course kept going, though it was a minor fall and nothing but a bit of road rash.

    When I returned to the OW+ after brushing myself off I was surprised to find that it was powered off. Powered off as in, phone app not connected, no lights, no blue LED. I had to power it back on to keep going. This seems odd -- certainly different from my previous falls. It even seems suspiciously like a board issue rather than user error (although I still assume it was some sort of user error -- I'm under 100 miles and still working out the kinks).

    To cover the obvious bases: Battery at 82%, Cruz profile, traveling at low speed (perhaps 6 mph), going from flat road to slight upward incline.

    I'll admit it makes me a bit nervous -- if there's a sudden power-off condition and it happened at speed or near traffic I could be in quite a pickle! Is there a known behaviour that I might have tripped through inexpert riding or should I worry that there's a loose power coupling?

  • honestly i don't see a reason to have sequoia or cruz as options, i get it that new riders may not want to go fast, but learning to control your speed is important, and the nose coming up at 10mph seems sketchy to me.

  • Yeah, I actually thought I'd been in Mission, but the phone app said Cruz. I wonder if the loss of power also toggled the shaping somehow.

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