Training nosedive

  • Hello,

    could you imagine a possibility to train at lower speeds the worst case scenario on onewheel: nosedive! And maybe run out, roll out or simply falling with full on protection gear.
    For now I have not had any serious wipeouts, but I am really afraid of this happening and want to be best prepared.
    Every tip is welcomed.

  • @owpete
    Run into a curb or large tree root at low speed without hopping or de-weighting at all, and you will be launched off, like a nosedive. You could also find or create a nice hole in a grassy field for the wheel to fall into. Hopefully you have some grass to land on to practice your roll. In a real nosedive, you will have zero time to prepare or think, so you have to train your body to instinctively react in a safe way. Only way to do this is practice to establish muscle memory.

  • Be sure to wear safety gear. My wrist guards and knee pads have save me a few times.

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