Grinding sounds

  • I am now experiencing the grinding sounds...

    I have had my onewheel for a few months now with silent, smooth running but after letting a slightly heavier friend ride it it's been making the grinding sounds described. Sometimes all the time, sometimes as a pulse (on, off, on, off), sometimes not at all. It sounds like a gear problem, I have no idea what the governor sounds like, but it did not do this before... Did anyone get to the bottom of this? Is it still safe to ride or does this require repair? Not looking forward to $600 in postage for a return to onewheel :(

  • It's a loose cable inside of the onewheel that is a very simple (and fast) repair for the onewheel team to make.

    Just got to send it in and they'll sort you out!

  • Gosh, if it's that easy, can I do it? As mentioned, sending from Australia and back will cost me $600 in shipping.

  • Couldn't tell you man, just sent mine in when it started making those noises. Should shoot a video over to the onewheel team and see how they'd advise you.

  • Thanks man!

  • If you've only had your Onewheel for a few months, your warranty should cover it (shipping included).

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