Multi-board owner!

  • So, I've only had my OW+ for 6 weeks, but after carving 300 miles of sweet rides and with FM offering a discount, I just purchased a second board! I'm so excited to go cruise with my teenage son! Who else has multiple boards? How has it changed / improved your Onewheel experiences?

  • I have two OW+'s and I did it for the exact same reasons as you. I have two sons but one is away at university while the other is still at home. I use the second OW for friends as well as family. It enhances the rides because we can share the wonderful scenery that only an off-road device like the OW can provide.

    Having 2 OW's also makes it easy for me to drive up to my other son's university for local rides over there. The students are all amazed at the ground that we can cover with such ease. My last jaunt up there was to look around for next year's residence options. It was way easier and faster to go to all the different places instead of walking or driving/parking the car.

    Back at home we were looking at new neighborhoods (for a new house) and OW-ing gives you a more connected experience to the surroundings than being in a car. My only regret is the cooler weather is reducing my chances to be outside but that will change once winter is over.

    The possibilities will open up naturally when you have that second OW for sure.

  • @njacobs having more than 1 board is the #1 way to reduce stress while participating in this sport, in my opinion. Nothing worse than always wondering if the board's about to brick, fail for some unknown reason, etc. If you've got an extra board (or 2 or 3), no worries :)

  • I rock two V2's and a V1, I left one V2 completely stock and modified the other for pure off road riding. But whats weird is I always seem to grab the V1 when I wanna shred, something about the rawness and the less polished feel that I love about the V1. Also you can hear when the motor is gonna run out of power because it's much louder

  • My second board is supposed to ship this Friday, I assume it will arrive by Dec 6. It's to be a family gift for Christmas, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to wait until then. The weather here in Phoenix right now is perfect for riding (highs in the 70's and low 80's)

  • I have a plus that is just over 1 month old, and less than 150 miles. I am just getting really comfortable and learning tricks. I feel like I am 4 weeks into my two month honeymoon with the OW. But she needs to go back to FM for servicing. The hub is clicking, popping and grinding when it's spun by hand with the power off, and sounds really bad when I ride it.

    The prospect of being without my new favorite thing to do is terrible. Seems like 1 month turn around time is average at FM. Likely be longer with the holidays, and the shipping crunch that takes place around xmas time.

    My question is how do I justify buying a second board when it seems to me that there will be a high probability of my new board having the same issue? Feels to me like I would be rewarding FM with another sale, on a product that may have some reliability issues.

    I really love this machine, and am torn as to what to do here. 150 miles of riding and a major service is now required, makes me wonder how often something like this will be taking place in the future....

    Has anyone bought a second board for the reasons I am considering?

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