OW+ Low Voltage Cut off info wanted.

  • Hello ALL

    Does anyone know what the individual Low Voltage Cut Off for each cell is? Or the battery pack Voltage as a whole? I have seem some screen shot of peoples cells as low as 2.8 Volts per cell, when the battery is dead. My battery seems to be "dead" at 3.1 Volts per cell, and my OW needs to be charged. I assume I am leaving some millage on the table if the cells can be run lower than 3.1 Volts safely. My board is about 3 weeks old, and I have just rolled past the first 100 mile marker.

    On a side note, man I love this thing!!! =)

    Thanks for any insights.

  • I just come back from a ride. Here are the screenshots when I got my first pushback cause of empty batterie at 13% + cells at 3.14 and I restarted a couple of times till it was relly empty at 01% and cells at 2.62. I do not know if this helps or is normal? Maybe someone else knows better. Btw, I was in mission and it is pretty cold here in germany at the moment. My weight is 90 kg.!0_1512063463667_Screenshot_2017-11-30-16-43-15.png0_1512063509354_Screenshot_2017-11-30-16-43-03.png0_1512063544886_Screenshot_2017-11-30-16-55-52.png0_1512063584056_Screenshot_2017-11-30-16-55-30.png

  • It's really not good for the battery life to get down so low, despite the max discharge can go to 2.5V There is very little capacity between 3.0V and 2.5V, therefore, for longest life, it's better to stop at 3.0v.

  • thanks for the info guys.

    OWpete, that explains how everyone gets their batteries so low. When my OW dies, I have never turned it back on and kept riding. This explains why I have seen the Volts around 2.8 or less.

    That was also my concern, is running the batteries down to close to the LVC and perhaps damaging the cells. I will just keep riding it until it hits 3.1 V per cell for LVC, and then throw it back on the charger.

    Cheers guys!

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