Battery capacity and external charging

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    I'm struggling to understand what the capacity of our battery is. I get 353Wh based on the 4 x 12.8V modules at 6.9Ah for each module. But people are claiming one full charge from a hover board battery and the carvepower 36V x 4.4Ah is only 158Wh!

    the other confusing bit is that OW charges in supposedly 20 minutes from dead. this means 58V x 3.5A for 1/3 hours is just 68Wh!

    seems to me the rated capacity on the pack is much larger than what it accepts during charging.

    anyone have any sanity checks here?

  • I think the battery is closer to 2200mah..
    You can charge at higher amps, I've been charging at 5amps for quicker charges. I heard sonny was charging at 9amp for 15min recharge time.. 0_1512238249788_Screenshot_20171202-120832.png

  • @parrothd

    where did you get 130Wh?

  • @dr-trill The onewheel has it stated on one of the frames underside. Look for a QR code, and then some text.

  • @parrothd Im having a hard time seeing how you would charge at more than 3.5 amps?

    The Battery Management system controls charge rates, not the charger itself. On the hypotetical that it is possible, do remember that adversely high charging rates can and will damage your battery and electronics, or at the least decrease its longevity.

  • @drn3rd The charger controls the rate, it runs at 3.5A until the voltage reaches 58V, then it holds 58V until amp draw reaches 0A

  • The bms is only protects for over charging and balancing of the cells. The A123 26650 cellsinside the Onewheel have a max charge rate of 10c which translate to 20amps? The more amps you try to push into the cell more energy is wasted. Doubling the amps only saves like 50% of the time.

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