Customizable top speed warning please!

  • I've mentioned the idea in a ticket ( and it has not been rejected —yet! :p
    Fingers crossed. ^^

  • @onedan Sweet! Hey, are you familiar with building Android apps? Have never done it and I'd love to test the current ponewheel code (the Google Play app is rather old)...

  • @djinn Used to fiddle with Android apps a long time ago, but not lately. I think the issue I had before was that ponewheel didn't support the OneWheel+ . . . do you know if it does now? I thought I read something about them getting close to releasing a new version. Perhaps we can test it for them. :)

  • @OneDan So when I first got my Onewheel+ I never felt any pushback for the first 100 - 150 miles and during this time I had quite a few terrible nosedives to the point I considered getting rid of my Onewheel. I thought there was something wrong with the pushback on my onewheel. As I was determined to feel pushback, I switched to Sequoia mode. At first I didn't feel pushback in this mode either riding at speeds that sequoia would normally give you pushback, and then suddenly out of no where the pushback kicked in. It was very obvious and clear, and I am certain it wasn't there before. Then I switched back mission (back before delirium existed) and I immediately noticed pushback in that mode as well. I think once I forced pushback for the first time it finally started working properly. After this day I have not had any nosedives like I was having when I first got the OW. The kind where the front just drops with no warning and just drops you off the front. Now my nosedives have a pushback warning before and most I am able to ride out as it isn't straight nose drops. So my advice is to try to force pushback in sequoia to see if that breaks in the pushback function.
    The other thing that I would recommend is to shift your stance backwards a little. Meaning your front foot should never be further forward than the middle of the pad, and the back foot should be middle to back. By having your stance shifted back, it helps prevent nosedives and helps riding / running them out.

  • @onedan Looks like it —although I haven't tried it myself:

    alt text

  • @goodblake-eskate Hmmm, might be worth a try to get it working with Sequoia mode. I actually brought my foot further back after my first fall at 108 miles, that was due to trying to accelerate way to quickly, so I'm covered there. The fall at 600+ miles was definitely due to high speed, so yeah, maybe if I can get pushback working so I can feel it, I could be warned in time. Thx!

  • @djinn Awesome, gonna give ponewheel a whirl on my ride tomorrow!

  • @djinn Where did you get that screenshot? I installed the playstore app and only see the 3 old modes, not the 5 new ones that you show. It did connect to my plus, but I can't try riding with it until tomorrow.

  • So I tried out the pOneWheel app and it did work with the plus. However, around 75%, it just locked up. I had to restart my phone to get the bluetooth to connect, but I just used the standard app to get home.

    While it was working, it seemed pretty nice and had easy to read speed text. Will be really nice if they can get the customizable top speed warning in along with a new build with all of the latest fixes.

  • Sweet!
    A few commits have pushed addressing this and other issues/suggestions I had made in the same ticket. The ponewheel crew was super nice and super responsive. Keep up the good work ,guys!

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