Annoying flat spot + photo.

  • I put a new Vega tire on my Onewheel+, and now it makes the board thump every revolution, increasing in frequency the faster it travels. I can feel it through my feet, like it has run over a pencil.

    When I spun the tire and eyed its rotation against a fixed spot on the ground, I could see where the tire’s diameter dipped, signifying the flat spot. What’s more interesting is that this flat spot, since it’s not in contact with the street, wears differently, and after a ride, you can identify it without spinning the tire.

    I can wash off the tire so it’s complete black all over, go for another ride, and the same discoloration will appear where the flat spot is.

    Here’s the photo.
    alt text

    Anyone else experience this?
    Is there a fix?
    I’m trying to get this tire replaced, for I think this is a defect.

  • @wheelcity does the spot look wet? Maybe it is smile leerling through the tire?

  • @wheelcity what tire pressure are you running with?

  • @groovyruvy said in Annoying flat spot + photo.:

    @wheelcity what tire pressure are you running with?

    That was going to be my next question... could be too little or too much.

  • You look like you're at 10 PSI or less. Increase your pressure to closer to 20 PSI.

  • That flat spot is either a defect or a result of poor storage.

    If it is just storage, then heat should help. Maybe a week or two in Phoenix would do it.

  • Phoenix?! Sign me up!
    Ha ha.
    Thanks for everyone's replies.
    I'm just going to play with the PSI, which is currently 23psi.
    If that doesn't work, I'll just keep riding it - hopefully the tire will wear itself into a round(er) shape eventually.

  • Here's a video - the whole board shakes because the tire is out of round.

    Maybe my tire is mounted on the rim incorrectly, or it didn't bead correctly? Should I deflate it, and try to move the tire around the rim? Should I remove the tire, then remount it? How would I ensure it would mount straight the next time?

    Or is it just a flat spot?
    Any suggestions? Thanks!

    UPDATE ----
    Looks like the tire has not mounted onto the rim correctly on one side - the tire is oval in one spot, like theres's a pebble in-between where the tire meets the rim.
    Tomorrow, I will break the bead, and try and re-set it. Maybe it be round this time. Who knows?

  • @wheelcity interested to know how this went.

  • Yea me to! Did you manage to re-seat the bead?

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