Share recharge spots (and display them on the map)

  • Let OW riders share charge plug locations and display them on the map.

    For example, most car parks in my country have free recharge plugs for electric vehicles.
    There are apps dedicated to locating charge points, but they're usually designed for much larger vehicles/batteries; Recharging a OW does not require much current nor a dedicated spot to park a car.
    Even businesses (cafés, restaurants, etc) that will gladly let you recharge your board might be worth referencing.

    Short of augmenting the battery range, it seems like the best way the app can help users deal with this limitation.

  • @djinn I use an app called PlugShare. It allows us to list spots for a whole range of outlets from the high power DC Fast chargers to the simple wall outlets. It is used for electric cars owners. You can set the filters to show only 110 or 240 outlets but most posters will only show outdoor plugs that are accessible for cars. If someone were to post a wall outlet inside a Starbucks coffee shop, that would give the false impression that an electric vehicle could go there to charge (albeit very slowly). So that is the flaw in using the PlugShare app unless the poster makes a special annotation that the plug is situated INDOORS for charging electric skateboards and OW's.

    Normally, i don't have many issues finding a charging location at coffee shops and fast food restaurants. Where I have issues would be out in the parks and outdoor trails. That's where the portable battery packs come in handy. I plan to order one next spring so that I can go for longer rides.

  • @gadgetrider Chargemap has more spots in my area, but same overall idea indeed.

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