Bailed on Elevated from a stop

  • Love the onewheel+ This morning on my way to work I was riding in elevated came to a stop light and I didn't disengage the board i was just standing on it idle and then i started to accelerate when the light went green and then as i did the board just nose dived. i wasn't going fast so i stumbled off but, still hit the ground.

    Anyone experience this? No pushback, full contact on sensors, close to full battery.

  • @roman604
    Has happened to me in Delirium, was my own fault. I disengaged one of the front sensors as I was leaning forward to accelerate, and the board was still going slow enough to shut off. For some reason I tend to keep most of my weight on the ball of my front foot, so my heel often isn't weighted enough to trip the sensor and keep the board on when stopped. Another time I nosedived at a crosswalk from simply accelerating too hard. How many miles do you have? It definitely takes a while to get a feel for the limits.

  • @roman604 I'm nursing a broken arm after 256 largely uneventful miles, I THINK due to overacceleration from stop. I heed pushback, and did not feel any. I'm told overaccelerating from a dead stop seems like it frequently overwhelms the board's ability to keep under you/keep nose up/push forward. I'm fairly confident in my abilities as an intermediate, mostly non-aggressive rider (though I have ridden over all kinds of concrete terrain, and had been zipping happily along earlier. Over 40% battery remained. ) This caught me completely off-guard (I had no chance to react/run out, was thrown down to pavement with my full 180 lbs on my left bicep).

    Anyway, I am willing to believe I just got careless or tired after a good speedy ride and not a software or hardware failure, but something to be aware of. Not sure if there is data in the app that would shed light on things. Since Elevated keeps the nose higher, maybe it's using more power to do so, slicing the margins even thinner?

  • @glyph I should say, "nosdedived, due to I think overacceleration from dead stop".

  • @desperado I have a 105km's. It may have not read the ball of my feet but, i know for sure it they were both planted. I looked at my phone and it said, "wheel slip" I didn't think I was accelerating too fast. I've been doing lots of skills work on it 1hr - 1 1/2hr five times a week. So i feel like i really know the board. Maybe I'm just not the right rider for "Elevated" because i've never felt uncomfortable in Delerium but, I actually thought I might fall in Elevated that day.

  • @roman604
    100 km is about when I started to feel comfortable enough to push the limits and that's why my nosedives started. I'm at 500 km now and still get greedy sometimes and hit the dirt. Delirium is probably the most resistant to nosedives because it reacts the quickest to keep you from getting too far off-center. As an experiment, you might try switching to sequoia and trying some aggressive starts to see how easy it is to nosedive with the more gentle reaction of the board, and then comparing with delirium. If it's definitely easier, then the same effect is probably at play in Elevated.

  • @desperado I tend to stay in Mission for pavement, and Delirium for (rarer for me) off-road. But if nosediving is slightly harder in Delirium I may switch to that for all. I think I'm a solid, intermediate rider, and this caught me totally off-guard (I was accelerating from stop after letting pedestrians cross a crosswalk).

  • @glyph That's just my guess for why Delirium might be better. Wish there was better logging, so the app could give you a report every time it detects a wipe-out to help you understand what happened.

  • @glyph acceleration from stop is probably the hardest strain on the motor (lots of friction from tire and ground) and if you over commit the board just doesn't have enough power to right it or give you a warning "pushback". Had the same crash as you, less the broken arm, trying to "show off" to a friend. Learned that the OW is not a ferrari with a 4 second 0-60, more like an audi with an 8 second 0-60. That all being said, Delirium has the most torque ratio built in and is better at correcting for big guys (I'm 6', 230). Ride in delerium some more and I think you may find you like the responsiveness more. Even in delerium a rider can creep along at 1mph steadily, or blaze down the street at 20. The mode sounds extreme, but it's simply great for cruising.

  • @ventoriffic Honestly, this is another reason I'm so interested in the XR - in addition to just enjoying the feeling of Mission on pavement, my understanding was that it was also better on range, which mattered to me when I was riding someplace and back - Mission vs. Delerium could make the difference between having to break the ride in half for a charge or not.

    With the XR's increased range, just leaving it in Delerium all the time becomes much more feasible to me.

  • @glyph Those who ride both usually only get an extra half mile and some change in mission vs delerium. I found my two favorite modes were delerium and cruz. Cruz gave me that buttery feeling around town, parking lot, etc., super fun. Delerium made it easier to go up slight cracks in pavement at slower speeds (more torque to keep that wheel moving) and overall better responsiveness. Both were more responsive for me (6', 230lb) than mission. In mission I just felt the board was laggy and loose.

    My other hope with XR is that the battery sag + experiences around 20% and lower will go away, allowing a more "complete" ride. kind of a buzz kill to be shredding for 20 minutes then kick it down to the bunny hill for the last 20 min.

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