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  • Purchased a new OW+ earlier this week. I have a GS6 running on 7.0 (will never receive upgrade to 8.0 without jail breaking device). I can see the device on my phone, but it required a bluetooth pin to pair. After numerous trial and errors I finally connected with "000000". Now I can connect, but my device had smart lock enabled so I had to add the OW+ as a "trusted device". When trying to add I get a pop up asking to make sure the device is on and close enough to pair. Anytime I open up the OW app I can't see the board. The 'My Boards' screen is just a stock image. The OW+ shows up on my bluetooth devices that have been paired historically.

    I disabled the smart lock so that any newly paired device is connected automatically. I've done the clearing of the bluetooth cache, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, restarting my phone and pretty much every other variation you can think of, but my board doesn't show up on the app. It also fails to actually pair/connect after I enter the correct pin; it gets added to my list of previously paired bluetooth devices though(?).

    My next idea is to use a friend's iPhone to pair and update the firmware. Has anyone had success doing this and then trying to pair with Android after the update? Anyone else encounter this with a complete solution? I've seen the threads regarding using an iphone and then tapping the sensors to change modes, but I'd really like to be able to see it on my own phone with statistics and everything else. I've also utilized other BLE apps...they can see and connect, but then when I go into the app my OW+ doesn't show up still. Seems like I've exhausted nearly all options and the easiest solution without FM support is to purchase a new phone; never thought I'd have to do that just to connect a brand new device. Hoping someone here can provide guidance.

  • UPDATE: For anyone else who may be having this issue, I've updated the firmware with a borrowed iPhone 7. I had to originally connect via a Bluetooth app and then open the OW app. After the firmware upgrade, my GS6 still failed to connect to the OW+ properly. At this point the only solution is to acquire a new phone just to connect and change settings with the OW+/OW app. I have an iPad mini 4, but the OW app isn't available for download/install through the Apple store for this device...unless I'm missing something? Final thought: c'mon Future Motion! Get it together!!

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